Lisa Gitlin grew up in Cleveland, Ohio. Her father was a newspaperman and she always knew she wanted to be a writer. When she reached adolescence she realized she was attracted to girls, and in order to distract herself from her forbidden longings she engaged in a lot of mischief and spent a few months on a psychiatric unit, where she was surrounded by gorgeous nurses and enjoyed herself immensely. She settled down in high school, had lots of rebellious fun at Ohio State University, and after three years moved to New York City. She was enchanted by New York’s rough edges and stayed in the city long enough to write a lot of poems and short stories and complete college at the New School for Social Research (now the New School for General Studies). Eventually she ended up back in Cleveland, where she forged a long freelance writing career and was published in many local and national publications. Finally, in her forties, she came out with a big bang, fell madly in love, and moved to Washington DC. She remains in the DC area, where she has made many fantastic friends and fulfilled her lifelong ambition of being a novelist. Her first book, I Came Out For This? is both a coming-out story and a funky urban novel about the DC gay culture. She plans to move back to New York City one day.

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