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At Bywater Books, we’re always looking for well-written commercial fiction targeted to lesbian readers. We are especially interested the following fiction and non-fiction categories: Romance, Mystery, Action/Thriller, Science-fiction/Fantasy, General Fiction, Cross-genre, Memoir, Essay, and Autobiography/Biography

We do not publish poetry or erotica.

Bywater Books Manuscript Submission Form

Be sure to read our list of submission tips first.
  • Accepted file types: doc, pdf, txt, rtf, docx.
    Please submit only Word (.doc or .docx), PDF (.pdf), Text (.txt), or RTF (.rtf) files.
  • Example: "A PI novel set in New Orleans" or "A romance set in Edwardian England"
  • Examples: "I am a forensic pathologist, police detective, etc., and am using my background for this book." "I have published four other novels."

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