The Golden Crown Literary Society Bridge-Builder Scholarship

The Golden Crown Literary Society (GCLS) has established the Bridge Builder Scholarship for it’s GCLS Writing Academy. This scholarship will be awarded annually to a lesbian writer of color who shows talent, creativity, and drive in creating lesbian literature. The writer should be interested in working on a full-length novel or a collection of short stories.

The chosen recipient of this scholarship will receive:

1) Full tuition to the class of 2019 GCLS Writing Academy; and

2) Individual one-on-one mentoring with a well-established writer within the overall genre of lesbian literature.

In return, the candidate will:

Create a brief (one page) monthly report on that month’s lessons, their own work in progress, or GCLS promotions within their community.

Attend online classes and participate in the assignments to the best of their ability.

Work to promote and support lesbian literature in general, and the Writing Academy specifically, within their own communities.

Application deadline:

The candidate must submit a ten-page writing sample, along with an application by June 1, 2018.

Candidates will be chosen by June 30th, 2018.

Classes start in September of 2018, however, there will be a summer reading list assignment.

To apply for the Bridge Builder Scholarship, click here. 

Any questions should be directed to Beth Burnett at

If you do not qualify for the Bridge Builder Scholarship, please consider applying for the Sandra Moran Scholarship here.

For more information about the GCLS Writing Academy, click here.

Bywater Books is dedicated to diversity and quality in lesbian literature, and we proudly support the Golden Crown Literary Society and the GCLS Writing Academy.

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