It’s only recently been published, but Art on Fire is already picking up mentions in the press. Check out the December issue of Marie Claire, now available at newsstands, to see a mention of Hilary Sloin’s first novel.

It’s the story of Francesca deSilva, the lesbian and artistic innovator who certainly gets the critics talking. Which may or may not mean her paintings are any good . . .

Lambda Literary recently described Art on Fire as a “masterful debut novel.” Noting the critical essays that are inserted between chapters, the reviewer describes these discussion about deSilva and her work as “so convincing that I found myself googling the citations” and then concludes by saying that”Art on Fire is alive with passion, humor, and real truth.” To read the whole review, click here.

On, Grady Harp writes that “Hilary Sloin has struck gold with this extraordinarily readable quasi biography that succeeds on so many levels – many of which are unique to the literary plate.” He adds that “It is difficult to believe this is Hilary Sloin’s debut novel, so thoughtfully constructed it is and so intensely readable.” And like the reviewer for Lambda Literary, he too was fooled by the essays: This reader was so convinced that Francesca de Silva was a real painter until combing history of art books and even wikipedia proved otherwise that Sloin caught me thoroughly.” To see the whole review, click here.

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