Bywater Books is pleased to announce our Autumn 2018 New Releases, featuring a fascinating heroic adventure by Bev Prescott, a fresh new romance from Rachel Spangler, and a haunting trip to the Library of Congress by Bonnie J. Morris.

2º by Bev Prescott

What happens when a self-reliant farmer undertakes a hero’s journey to save the woman she loves?

Sharon Clausen, a self-reliant farmer, has a secret apple tree—a tree that keeps her and her wife, Eve, fed. In the year 2092, climate change has transformed the face of Earth. Storms, disease, famine, thirst and war show no mercy on the living. In order to survive and protect Eve from the inhospitable world, Sharon cloaks her humanity.

The only other people who know of her secret, or so she thinks, is Dr. Ryan, a long-time confidant, and his wife, Areva. Once a month, Sharon and Eve travel from Maine to Boston to trade apples for Eve’s leukemia medication with Dr. Ryan. When Eve is kidnapped and the Ryan’s are murdered, Sharon learns that her best kept secrets are coveted by a man known as the Strelitzia—a coldly practical villain.

Sharon sets out on a harrowing journey across North America to rescue Eve. Along the way, she gets help from an Inuit refugee boy, a stray dog named Erik the Red, an eccentric former school teacher, a jujitsu master, an Argentinian opera star, and a brilliant Muslim female scientist who leads an alliance of eclectic people known as the Qaunik. Together, this ragtag group battle storms, the desert, criminal gangs, feral humans and the Strelitzia.

In the end, Sharon must face her greatest challenge—risk all that she loves for something greater than herself.

“With her considerable skill, Bev Prescott takes on the most important issue of the century in this gripping page-turner of a story with a raft of unforgettable characters. What’s more, may very well be the canary in the coal mine.” —TRACEY RICHARDSON, author of The Candidate

Love All by Rachel Spangler

When a down-and-out tennis professional takes on the mother of a young phenom, can the two of them survive the match, or will “love all” prove that no one wins?


Throughout her long career, professional tennis player Jay Pierce has been burned by both players and the press. She’s learned the hard way that she can trust no one and nothing, especially her own judgment. So, when she undertakes one last career comeback, she knows the only hope she has to redeem her legacy is to go it alone.

Sadie Larsen knows virtually nothing about the world of professional tennis when her daughter, Destiny, breaks onto the women’s tour at the age of 17. Sadie learned everything she needed to know about single parenting on her own, and she knows she can do the same now that the stakes are higher than ever. All she has to do is stay laser-focused on protecting her family of two.

Neither Jay nor Sadie expects the path ahead to be easy. The only thing neither woman had prepared for is each other. As Jay and Destiny fight their battles on the court, Sadie and Jay fight their attraction off it.

“Spangler’s novels are filled with endearing characters, interesting plot turns, and vivid descriptions. Her readers feel immersed in the worlds of her novels from start to finish” —The Observer

“Ms. Spangler’s characters are deep and multidimensional.” —Curve Magazine

Sappho’s Overhead Projector

Sappho, The Overhead Herself, sends women’s history professor, Hannah Stern on an undercover mission to save the daring lesbian books that helped bring out and free so many generations of women.

Feminist scholar Hannah Stern finds herself working at the Library of Congress, assigned to catalogue a donation of rare lesbian books. But it’s more than a one-year job in Washington: it’s a mission handed to her by Sappho, The Overhead Herself. When a series of desperate, haunted phone calls from the ghosts of lesbian writers directs her to rescue even more at-risk books, Hannah begins a journey into the love affair between banned writers and newly-out readers. Will hearing others’ fond memories of lesbian books from the 1920s and 1970s help Hannah save their legacy for future generations? Or will Isabel, Hannah’s partner and the mystical proprietor of Sappho’s Bar and Grill, have to summon her magic to save the entire bar membership?

“Well-developed writing is Sappho’s greatest asset; language is vivid yet quick, both darkly funny and keenly poignant.”—Foreword Reviews

2º is available now from Bywater Books, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and fabulous independent bookstores everywhere.

Love All will be available for early release at Bywater Books in September 2018, and wide release on October 6, 2018.

Sappho’s Overhead Projector will release on November 11, 2018.

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