As regular readers will know, Bywater Books teamed up with Kate Clinton to host the first annual Laugh Out Loud panel. Mari SanGiovanni played host, while Cynn Chadwick, Z Egloff, Marcia Finical, and Bett Norris talked about their experiences in today’s book business. All the proceedings were videoed, and the film is now up on the web.

A word of warning, though: the camera started rolling as the panel was setting up, and the video editor didn’t get the scissors out, so press play, then go make yourself a cup of coffee. By the time you come back, the panel will be ready to start. Click here.

For a short, very silly recording of our authors getting ready to sign their books, click here. (You might like the cleavage shot.) You’ll see Cynn, Z, Marcia, Mari, and Bett as well as Marianne K. Martin.

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