STEFANI DEOUL’S award-winning novel, THE CAROUSEL, has been reissued by Bywater Books, and is available for sale in both ebook and trade paperback formats.

In the beautifully written story of restoration and redemption, a bone-weary, emotionally drained woman shows up one morning at a diner and gas station in a small Northeast town. Intending to refuel on gas and coffee and just keep driving, she is drawn instead to a pile of discarded carousel horses at the junkyard next door. Her find begins a ripple of gossip, mystery, and a restorative journey for the horses, herself, and the curious collection of townspeople joining her on the tumultuous ride of hope, patience and a chance to grab the brass ring.

The Carousel has everything I look for in a great novel—beautifully drawn characters that you really care about, a story that you want to follow, love, redemption and a sense of mystery at its heart.”—Shamim Sarif, author/director/filmmaker

“An intense novel about friendship, love and heartache it’s also inspirational and full of hope.—Kathi Isserman, Curve Magazine

“It’s not only the story itself of finding beauty and belonging in the places and people where one least expects it, that makes The Carousel linger in the reader’s mind long after the last page is turned. It’s the writing—the gorgeous, heartbreaking, lyrical writing. If I hadn’t been so caught up in the story, I would have stopped again and again—just to reread the resonant, detailed, surprising, and beautiful paragraphs.”—Maribeth Fischer, author of The Life You Longed For

“Brilliant. Some books are more than the sum of their parts, transcending their base elements to become deeper and more important than they might seem at first.”—Jerry Wheeler, Out in Print

Television producer and writer STEFANI DEOUL has written for numerous publications, including, Curve Magazine, Outdoor Delaware and Letters from CAMP Rehoboth, penned both short stories and film and television treatments, and has produced TV series such as The Dead Zone and Brave New Girl. She was the Supervising Producer of the television series Haven for the SyFy Network, and previously was the executive in charge of production for the series Dresden Files and Missing.

Her debut novel, The Carousel was a finalist for the Foreword Reviews Independent Publishing Award in Gay and Lesbian Fiction. It won the National Federation of Press Women Book of the Year in GLBT fiction, the 2011 Book of the Year from the Delaware Press Association, and a Regional Award in Fiction from the Independent Publishers Association.

In April 2017, Deoul’s newest title, On a LARP, Book One of the Sid Rubin: Silicon Alley Series, will be released. In this crazyfunkycool YA story, heroine Sid Rubin and her brainiac buddies become embroiled in a dark-web world, which leads to a very real murder mystery.

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