This special edition of the Bywater Books

newsletter focuses on Women’s Week

Provincetown, MA October 12-15, 2016

Bywater Authors on Women’s Week

Women’s Week in Provincetown has become more and more book-focused over the past few years, and I really like that. I think that week, unlike designated book events, allows us to reach readers who may not ever think to attend a book conference, or for that matter, maybe don’t know we (lesbian authors writing lesbian stories) even exist. So people who are in PTown for other reasons (vacationing, shopping, catching a show) might stumble across us and go home with a book they never would have bought otherwise. And then we have a new reader. I like that whole process.”—Georgia Beers

Women’s Week has always been my favorite stop on our book tours – we get to meet so many readers and get in-person visits with Facebook friends. And I’m thrilled to be presenting my show this year at the Sage Inn on Wednesday, Oct. 12 to help raise money for the Golden Crown Literary Society, a super organization. All in all, it’s going to be great fun…catch you at Womencrafts or the Sage Inn. Come say hi!!”—Fay Jacobs

“Friends introduced me to Provincetown and Womencrafts Bookstore over twenty years ago, and I’ve been back every year since. Each time I see the welcoming smiles and feel the familiar, warm embraces, it’s like coming home after a long absence. It’s a place where I know absolutely that I am valued and loved for who I am.”—Marianne K. Martin

“This Women’s Week I’m looking forward to seeing some friends that I only get to see in person a couple of times a year, and to making some new friends, too.”—Carol Rosenfeld


“For me there’s nothing like the magic of Provincetown. There’s a reason artists of all kinds have flocked there for over a century. The energy, the people, the sense of community is unbeatable. Getting to share it all with awesome readers and writers makes it even better.”—Rachel Spangler





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