Originally from Detroit, Cheryl Head now lives on Capital Hill in Washington, D.C. Her career as a writer, television producer, filmmaker, broadcast executive and media funder has taken her to every continent except Antarctica and Australia. Much of what she writes focuses on the themes of diversity in its broadest sense, acculturation and tolerance, sometimes with a bit of danger and always with a lot of humor, food and music.

She brings to Bywater Books the first installment of her gritty detective series called The Charlene Mack Mysteries, which is scheduled for publication in the spring/summer of 2016. Her characters are written with equal parts sharp, shimmering intelligence and edgy, moonlit subconscious—and her approach to diversity and humor trespass the established boundaries of the modern mystery genre.

A regular blogger and Twitter user, she also works as a consultant on a wide range of diversity issues. “I’m an ardent observer and listener, always trying to connect the dots that connect us to each other.”

Her self-published debut novel, Long Way Home: A World War II Novel, was a 2015 Next Generation Indie Book Award finalist in both the African American Literature and Historical Fiction categories.

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