Bywater Books is pleased to announce that Say Her Name by Stefani Deoul has been awarded the 2019 Delaware Press Association Young Adult Fiction Book of the Year.

Zero Sum Game by Stefani Deoul


Say Her Name finds our high-flying lesbionic brainiac Sid Rubin caught up in the glow of new love—and the snowball fight of the century.

Distraction in action, Sid forgets to duck and takes a full facial hit, launching her backward into Imani, who in turn slides down a hill, through a thicket, and amazingly, lands safely. Or so she thinks. Until she hears an ice crack and sees a fingertip rise through the small fissure.

Cue the scream.

The finger becomes a hand, and then a body. It’s a young girl. And she’s not alone. There are seven more skeletons—unidentified and unclaimed. When Imani utters the words, “I want someone to say her name,” it’s time for the posse to round up and ride again—chasing a mystery across time, and states, and even continents. A genetic genealogy hunt that’s right up Sid’s Silicon Alley. 

But there’s a glitch in the system, because Sid’s new girlfriend, Ava, has other plans. And Sid learns the hard way that before she can untangle someone else’s family tree, she will have to find her own roots.

“Exploring themes of friendship, relationships, and especially, a young adult’s sense of self, particularly in relation to the absorption of new love—Deoul has created a wonderful world where we are watching the emergence of moral and emotionally mature adults.” —VELVET LOUNGER, The Lesbian Reading Room

“It was impactful and beautifully written, the prose flowing and the story keeping me hooked from page one to the end. I read it all in one sitting and I don’t think I could’ve stopped if I wanted to. A beautifully written story with an important message and I adored it. Highly, highly recommended!” —JOEY PAUL, JoeyPaulOnline

The annual Delaware Press Association Communications Contest is open to all professional communicators in Delaware and encourages and rewards excellence in communication. The contest is judged by out-of-state communications professionals to ensure impartiality and provides an opportunity to compete in various print or electronic broadcasting fields.

Say Her Name will go on to compete for national honors in the National Federation of Press Women Communications Contest.

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