Marianne K. Martin’s new novel Tangled Roots has picked up a great review before it has even been published.

For Foreword Magazine, Julia Ann Charpentier embraces “a touching story of abiding loyalty”. Anna is the daughter of a white landowners, and Nessie the daughter of African-American farmers, growing up friends during an era when “interracial entanglements are frowned upon and same-sex partnerships are forbidden. With two strikes against them in a Southern community that will destroy any chance at happiness, they must resort to secret interludes. Precarious promises that may never be kept form the foundation of their relationship.”

“This exploration of tender passion, perhaps too sane to be permitted in an insane society, allows a candid look at past contrivances and established tradition. Rooted within this moving novel is the seed of freedom beginning to sprout … Deeply engrossing and quite beautiful, Martin’s talent for creating human characters that could walk off the page into real life will leave her audience craving more.

To read the full review, click here.

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