Olive Oil & White Bread is the new novel from Georgia Beers. It’s a romance that starts with the moment where other romances usually end: the moment when two women decide that they want to be together.

For C-Spot Reviews, Sunny and Corey welcome a story that is “a very enjoyable departure from the standard ‘formula’ of the typical lesfic novel. As I’ve become accustomed to with Georgia Beers’ characters, I felt like these people were my friends and I was watching their relationship grow and change through the years.”

What’s more, says Corey, “Some of that reality was a little rough to read, which I consider a compliment to the author’s writing skills.”

Adds Sunny, “I could feel the grey areas of life playing out and I couldn’t take a black-or-white viewpoint. Well done, Georgia.”

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Another fan is Amos Lassen, who notes that “All of us know that routine can happen in any relationship and partners really have to work hard to keep things going in many cases. On the other hand, routine can lead to distraction and distraction can cause a relationship to fail. In fiction, we usually only get to read about the good aspects of relationships but it is also part of life to go through bad times. Georgia Beers captures that beautifully here . . .”

He praises Georgia for creating “two very real characters that we can identify with”, and points out that for readers there are “‘I’ve been there’ moments. In fact this is not just Angie and Jillian’s story — it is the story of so many people and sexuality is just one of the aspects of it. Relationships do not come all wrapped up and tied with a bow and many times we forget that they are based on compromise. It is to Beers’ credit that she is able to pull us in and keep us reading. The prose is fresh and crisp, the characters are real and the plot is life.”

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