At Bywater Books and Amble Press, we believe our industry and the books we publish should reflect the rich diversity of the society in which we all live.

For us, this isn’t just about doing the right thing—more diverse publishing is not just a moral imperative but makes good business sense too, enabling us to reach the widest and most diverse authors and readership.

We commit ourselves programmatically to:
• Define our mission broadly to include all forms of literature and storytelling.
• Support more writers of color and highlight their stories.
• Build a diverse, intergenerational audience for literature.
• Create equitable access to our publishing platform.

We commit ourselves administratively to:
• Create a staff and volunteer base reflective of our community.
• Apply the best practices and tools to ensure that our organizational systems are equitable.

In all of the above, we strive to work with humility and in collaboration with our community to be adaptable and responsive, and to better accomplish these important goals.

We are committed to doing this work now and into the future.

We also realize that cannot do this work alone—and we commit ourselves to work with all of our business partners as we are only one part of a much larger system that has excluded many people. The history of modern literature has been defined by our educational system, the publishing and bookselling industries, the professions of journalism and criticism, and the way awards and prizes are adjudicated.





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