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July 2011
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Marianne K. Martin has just published her ninth novel, The Indelible Heart. The long-awaited sequel to the best-selling Love in the Balance, it brings readers up to the date with some much-loved characters: Sage and Deanne, and Kasey and Connie. For more details, see An Author Explains and Hot off the Press.

This month Sally Bellerose will be running the final leg of our Blog Tour, see below. (And a heads-up: it'll be returning in the fall.)

As always, we at Bywater strive to bring you the finest in lesbian romance, mystery, and literary fiction.

Till next time!

Kelly Smith
Marianne K. Martin
Val McDermid

An Author Explains
Marianne (P-town)

Most writers want to tell stories that will last. Marianne K. Martin, who has been nominated three times for a Lambda Literary Award, reckons she's happy for her work to get stuck in the past. In fact, she's hoping that it will. Here she explains why:

I've never heard an author hoping for her books to go out of date, and I know that I never imagined hearing myself saying it either. But, lately that is exactly what I have been thinking and saying. And it really is not as crazy as it sounds. Here's why.

Love, of course, will never go out of style or be outdated; it's a universal need. So, that aspect of my stories will be relevant forever. However, the catalyst to the love story in many of my book is the social atmosphere — and I had hoped that would have changed significantly. My hope was for my work to become chronicles of our struggles, of our history, of what it took to love in spite of. Mostly, though, the hope has yet to be fulfilled.

The stories I wrote and published as long as thirteen years ago are still frighteningly relevant today. Gay and lesbian youth are still bullied in our schools; teachers can still be fired because of their sexuality; hate and intolerance still results in beatings and death. I'm no Pollyanna; I know there will always be discrimination and prejudice — against race, religion, age, weight, physical and mental challenges, gender. But, society has made it clear that it is unacceptable and unlawful to discriminate based on these prejudices. So, sexuality, it seems, is the last bastion for tolerated intolerance.

We have progressed, it's true, with a Hate Crimes Prevention Act on the books now. But, we also have a backlash to that progress, which challenges every fair-minded person in this country to stand up and stand strong for what they believe is right. And, regardless of how long it takes for my books to be outdated, gays and lesbians will continue to hope and search, to face challenges and adversity, they will continue to find love and happiness, and so will my characters.

Hot Off The Press
Indelible Heart
The Indelible Heart

by Marianne K. Martin

Ten years ago, Charlie Crawford shot dead his two lesbian neighbors. Sharon Davis was their avenging angel, the woman who fought to win justice for her murdered friends.

But justice didn't ease the pain. Beer did, though. And Sharon's love for the bottle cost her the love of her partner Laura. Laura's departure was the cue for the descent into depression that finally forced Sharon to rebuild her shattered life.

Now the past is back with a vengeance. Charlie Crawford is terminally ill and seeking early release on compassionate grounds. Sharon has to fight for justice all over again.

When Laura comes back to town, Sharon's history threatens to overwhelm her. Hate nearly destroyed her ten years before. Has Sharon learned enough about love and friendship since then to keep herself whole this time?


Lesbian Fiction 232 pages ISBN 978-1-932859-77-5

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To win a copy of Love in the Balance and The Indelible Heart, both signed by the author, simply answer this month's question:

How many books has Marianne K. Martin written?

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Blog Tour
Bywater's Virtual Book Tour continues. Seven of our authors are making connections one blog at a time. Guest blogging on each other's blogs for the next four months, they're posting from the Pacific Northwest, the Great Lakes region, New England, the South, England, and Australia.

In July, Sally Bellerose will finish off the tour. She'll visit Marianne K. Martin on July 6; Lindy Cameron on July 8; Bett Norris on July 11; Georgia Beers on July 13; and Jill Malone on July 15.

This probably goes without saying, but click on the authors' names above to link straight through to their blogs.

News from Bywater
Congratulations to Georgia Beers! At this year's Golden Crown Literary Society conference, her most recent book Starting From Scratch won two awards. The first was for Traditional Contemporary Romance. The second was the Ann Bannon Popular Choice Award — which pleases her most because, as she says, this is "voted on by the readers and not by judges), so that was very cool and a huge honor."

Georgia lives in New York. Check out her blog to see what the Senate's decision on June 24 means for her and her partner, Bonnie — and her mom.

Get Booked!

Calling all Book Groups:

Ever wanted to know what an author thinks about her own book?

Choose a Bywater title to discuss at your Book Group, and we'll arrange for the author to join the conversation — in person, by webcam, or over the phone.

Book Group Leaders, feel free to write us for a complimentary copy of any Bywater book for your review.

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Bywater Events
All Things Gay is the first gay radio show in New Hampshire, airing on Portsmouth Country radio, 106.1 FM, on Mondays at 8 a.m.

The show can also be streamed at
Over the next few months, All things Gay will be talking to Bywater authors. Interviews will be 45 minutes — long enough to get properly acquainted:
Joan Opyr
, August 15
Bett Norris, September 26
Sally Bellerose
, October 10
Lisa Gitlin
, October 17

Stella Duffy
· will be reading from Theodora at Gay's the Word. Thursday, July 7 at 7 p.m.
66 Marchmont Street
London WC1N 1AB
For more information: (44) 20 7278 7654

· will appear at the launch of Men and Women, a collection of stories exploring gay and lesbian themes. The Wheatsheaf, Fitzrovia, on Thursday, July 14 at 7 p.m.
25 Rathbone Place,
London W1T 1DG

· will be appearing with the improv comedy troupe The Suggestibles at The Cumberland Arms on Friday, August 29, 8:30-10:45 p.m.
James Place Street
Newcastle Upon Tyne NE6 1LD
For more information:

· will be presenting her adaptation of Euripides' Medea
at the Assembly George Square, Edinburgh. Performances run from August 3 to August 29, each evening at 6:30 p.m.
Assembly George Square
Edinburgh EH8 9LH
For more information: (44) 131 623 3030

Elana Dykewomon
· will be reading at the NOLOSE Bridge to Fatlandia! Conference, July 8-10. She will be reading at lunch, Saturday July 9.
10 Hegenberger Road
Oakland CA 94621
For more information:

· will be taking part in the opening ceremony of the Pacific Northwest Old Lesbians Organizing for Change (OLOC). Tacoma, Washington July 28-31.,
For more information, click here.

Val McDermid
will be appearing at Theakstons Old Peculier Crime Writing Festival, in Harrogate, July 21-24.
She will be appearing on two panels:
· Fresh Blood, when she will introduce four new authors. Saturday, July 23 at 12 p.m.
· Vice Society, when the topic under discussion will be the depiction of sex and violence in fiction. Saturday, July 23 at 3:30 p.m.
Old Swan Hotel
For more information: (44) 1423 562 303,

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Your favorite authors also write blogs, have their own websites, and can be found on social networking sites.

Mari SanGiovanni
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Lindy Cameron
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Cynn Chadwick
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Stella Duffy
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Elana Dykewomon
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Z Egloff
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Marcia Finical
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Katherine V. Forrest
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Lisa Gitlin
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Jill Malone
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Marianne K. Martin
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Val McDermid
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Bett Norris
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Joan Opyr
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