Legacies of Lesbian Literature Project

lll-project“As authors of historical fiction, Sandra Moran and I were interested in looking at not just the history of lesbian literature, but also what world events helped shape those stories, and to what extent the stories were reflections of the author’s own lives as they looked for affirmation and their place in the world.”

Marianne K. Martin

The Legacies of Lesbian Literature Project will culminate in a comprehensive documentary that examines the history of lesbian literature and how society at large influenced key authors’ works and how their works in turn influenced the genre and also society. 

Documentation of the history of lesbian literature has not been done in any similar format to date. Recognition of the significance of lesbian writing and of its impact on so many lives, as well as society’s views of homosexuality, need to be documented and expressed.

The initial focus of the Legacies of Lesbian Literature Project is on the development of lesbian fiction from the 1920s through the 1990s. The project has been divided into three phases for funding purposes.

PHASE 1: A collection of video interviews of authors who have made a significant impact on the genre. Some of the authors to be interviewed are: Dorothy Allison, Ann Bannon, Rita Mae Brown, Elana Dykewomon, Katherine V. Forrest, Jewelle Gomez, Ellen Hart, Jenifer Levin, Lee Lynch, Penny Mickelbury, Lesléa Newman, and Achy Obejas.

PHASE 2: Development of the documentary—this includes script writing, production, editing, graphics, and sound.

PHASE 3: Design and Production of the DVDs, promotion and distribution.

Watch the Legacies of Lesbian Literature Project Intro Video here.


Your kind gifts will help to record and share the important stories of our foremothers before they’re lost to time.

There are four ways to support the Legacies of Lesbian Literature Project.

  1. By purchasing any of Sandra Moran’s books, in any format. Author royalties from the sale of her books are being donated to this project, including those from her final novel, State of Grace.
  2. By making a donation* to the Legacies of Lesbian Literature Fund via the online giving link.
  3. By mailing a donation* to Cheryl Pletcher, 217 Starling Pass, Asheville, NC 28804.
  4. By visiting the Legacies of Lesbian Literature Project website.
  5. By spreading the word about the project to your contacts via email, Facebook, and other social media.

FOR QUESTIONS, please contact Marianne K. Martin (mkmbywater@ aol.com) or Cheryl Pletcher (cpletcher54 @gmail.com).

* Donations to the Legacies of Lesbian Literature Project are currently not tax deductible.

For your larger charitable donations, we recommend the Golden Crown Literary Society and Lambda Literary.

However, if tax deductibility is not of concern, or for your smaller donations, your support of this project is greatly appreciated. 


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