Lisa Gitlin was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio, went to Ohio State University in 1969, had the proverbial sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll experience, dropped out after her junior year and moved to New York City to become a writer, ran around the filthy graffiti-slathered city while the Bronx burned and Son of Sam killed and Ford told the city to drop dead. She got her B.A. from the New School, and began her career as a journalist. After many years in Cleveland and the Washington, DC area, Lisa moved back to New York in 2014, and she now lives in Brooklyn.

Lisa loves driving around the city, and marveling at the Manhattan skyline as the sun sets over the East River. She loves schmoozing with her friends, reading, dining out, and traveling. She savors many things about her unpredictable life. But her greatest joy—above al—is writing.

Lisa’s feature articles and columns have been published in many magazines and newspapers, including the Plain Dealer, Crain’s Cleveland Business, Cleveland Magazine, Modern Medicine, The Education Digest, Cleveland Free Times, and Jewish Woman Magazine. Lisa’s debut novel, I Came Out for This? (Bywater Books, 2010) achieved a first in the history of the Independent Publisher Book Awards: In 2011, it won a gold medal in two categories. I Came Out for This? won gold in both Humor and LGBT Fiction.

Lisa’s second novel, Postcards from the Canyon (Bywater Books, 2017) won a bronze medal in the 2018 Independent Publisher Book Awards. She is now working on the second book in her Postcards trilogy.

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