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March 2013
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Dear Readers,

As winter turns to spring, we are delighted to announce that Z Egloff‘s latest novel Leap is now off the press. See Author Profile, Hot Off The Press, and Bywater News below.

Judith Katz‘s novel The Escape Artist has been out of print for several years. Now Bywater Books is delighted to be bringing it back. We’ll tell you more about Judith in our next newsletter. In the meantime, see Bywater News below to see how it was welcomed first time round.

Leap and The Escape Artist are now available via our website in print versions and as an eBook.

Award season has come round again. And congratulations are due to Hilary Sloin, Jesse Blackadder, and Jill Malone. For more details, see Bywater News below.

Bywater authors and publishers will be attending the Saints and Sinners Festival and Golden Crown Literary Conference. Check out Saints & Sinners 2013 and Golden Crown 2013.

As always, we at Bywater strive to bring you the finest in lesbian romance, mystery, and literary fiction.

Till next time!

Kelly Smith
Marianne K. Martin

Val McDermid

Author Profile

Z Egloff
Z Egloff writes because of Ben Kingsley, some stoner friends, and a pit bull. The pit bull bit her on the ass.  

Ben Kingsley just turned up at her school. He talked about Shakespeare and Hamlet and then he recited a soliloquy. Or rather, the soliloquy: “To be or not to be”.

Says Z, “As each word was spoken, I was turned inside out.” She tried to explain it to her dad afterwards: “I remember telling him that I’d just decided I wasn’t going to be a scientist. It was the only thing I could think to say.

Cue four years at Amherst College, where she studied for a B.A. in English, mentored by the poet David Sofield. This writer was on her way.

Then, almost immediately, she took a detour. One that may or may not have involved gummi bears: she worked at a factory that made them but is not entirely clear about what she did. After about a month, she left to run a small farm in Cape Cod.

One morning, around this time, it rained. Since this ruled out farming for the day, Z decided to hang out with some stoner friends. For the long version of this story, go to her website, Life in Z-D, and check out her blog Why I Thought I Was Going to Die When I Turned 23. And Why I Was Right, Parts I and 2. The short version boils down to this: “I began to realize that the whole “God thing” wasn’t a joke, or a crutch. God was real. Only God wasn’t what I’d thought it was. God wasn’t a cranky Caucasian senior citizen in the sky. God was energy. The energy of everything.

So began a spiritual journey for Z, one that eventually led her to the San Francisco Bay area. There she completed a Masters in Psychology before moving to Sonoma County to work as a counselor and case manager for high-risk teenagers.

Sometimes her job required her to make home visits. One of her clients had a pit bull. You know the rest.

Z took herself to E.R. “I can barely remember what happened once I got there. I just remember the doctor told me I should take a few days off work. So I did. Once I returned to my job, I was only cleared to work part-time.
And so I found myself in an unexpectedly sweet spot. … I had space in my days. … As I glided through my days, I made a vow. I want to live like this, I said. … I wasn’t willing to put up with good enough anymore. I wanted a life of freedom and joy and fulfillment.”

She continued down her spiritual path. Completing A Course in Miracles, she realized for the first time in years that she wanted to write fiction. Within twelve months, she was working part-time, and writing four hours a day. Soon she had complete Verge, her first novel, which won the Bywater Prize for Fiction.

Leap, her second novel, has just been published. And Z is back in school, studying for a Masters in Consciousness Studies from Holmes Institute.

She lives in Santa Rosa, with Melissa. (For the story of how these two soul mates met and almost didn’t recognize each other, check out her blog. You can also write her via the site. She promises she’ll reply.)


by Caroline Curtis 

Hot Off The Press


by Z Egloff  

Summer 1979. Rowan Marks is done with high school. Next comes college. And in between there’s a yawning gulf — the last carefree summer vacation.

At least, it should be carefree. But Rowan’s older brother Ben is smoking way too much pot. Her best friend Danny is in love with her. And Catherine, the new girl in their small Ohio town, rubs her the wrong way. Well, that’s OK. Rowan can deal. She’s got it all worked out.

Then everything turns on its head. Catherine steals her heart, Danny falls out with her, and Ben crashes the family car, ripping the family secrets bare.

All of a sudden, Rowan has a stark choice — is she going to grow up or give up?

Z Egloff is an exciting new talent. Leap is an accomplished follow-up to her first novel, Verge, which won the Bywater Prize for Fiction and was a finalist for a Lambda Literary Award.

Praise for Z Egloff’s debut novel, Verge

Verge has heart and wit and intelligence.”  

—Emma Donoghue, author of Room

Verge is powerful, quirky, and fresh . . . Z Egloff creates a rich, inclusive world and a heroine who’s one of the most endearingly fallible characters I’ve met in a long time.”

—Alison Bechdel, author of Fun Home

“With Verge, Z Egloff enters the ring of fiction with the assurance of an old hand . . . This is a talented writer.” 

—Carol Anshaw, author of Aquamarine

Lesbian Fiction  232 pages
ISBN print 978-1-61294-023-6  ISBN eBook 978-1-61294-024-3

At fine stores everywhere
or order directly from Bywater Books.  

Bywater News

The reviews are coming in for Leap The Advocate has just recommended it as one of 16 Great Books to Read This Week.

Judith Katz is a Lambda Literary Award winner.  Her second novel,
The Escape Artist, is now available again after being out of print for several years. On its first publication, Publisher’s Weekly described it as “moving, funny, wholly original”, concluding that this was “nicely crafted, emotionally satisfying and well-researched historical fiction.” 

Jill Malone has recently been awarded the Grand Prize from the Great Northwest Book Festival.  

The nominations have been announced for the ForeWord Book of the Year Awards 2012, and we’re delighted to announced that Jesse Blackadder has been shortlisted for The Raven’s Heart and Hilary Sloin for Art on Fire.

Jesse has also been nominated for a  Lambda Literary Award in the category Lesbian General Fiction

Carolyn Elias of Charles Henry Editing recently interviewed two Bywater authors: Z Egloff explains what makes a good story here, and Marianne K. Martin identifies her favorite creation here.  

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Choose a Bywater title to discuss at your Book Group, and we’ll arrange for the author to join the conversation — in person, by webcam, or over the phone.

Book Group Leaders, feel free to write us for a complimentary copy of any Bywater book for your review.

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Saints & Sinners 2013

This year is the 10th Anniversary Festival of Saints and Sinners. Cue celebrations!

The festival brings together publishers, writers, and readers, and has won international recognition. This year, Val McDermid, award-winning author and publisher, will be a keynote speaker.

Several other Bywater award-winners will be attending too: Judith Katz; Sally Bellerose; GCLS Trailblazer Marianne K. Martin; and Jill Malone, who will be promoting her third book, Giraffe People. 

Two more Bywater authors will be there, each delivering a masterclass: Elana Dykewomon and Ellen Hart, who will be published by us in the fall. For more details, see Bywater Events below.  

Also attending will be Bywater publishers Kelly Smith and Michele Karlsberg.  

The festival runs May 23 thru May 26 and will be held at two venues in New Orleans: Hermann-Grimma House and Hotel Monteleone.   

For more details, and to register for the festival, click here.

Golden Crown 2013

Every year, the Golden Crown Literary Conference brings together writers and readers, editors and publishers.

This year, there will be author panels, seminars, and workshops — and plenty of opportunities for socializing, including pool parties and a karaoke night.

And if you’ve not attended before, don’t worry: there will be special events before and throughout the conference, to make sure you fit right in.

This year, the award-winning and best-selling Georgia Beers will be the keynote speaker.

Also attending will be Marcia Finical, author of Last Chance at the Lost and Found; Marianne K. Martin; and Kelly Smith.

The conference takes place June 26 thru June 30 in Dallas, TX, and will  be held at the Doubletree Hilton at Campbell Center.

To register for the conference, click here

Bywater Events
Georgia Beers

* will be appearing at Rehoboth Beach Women’s Fest 2103. The event runs April 11 thru April 14. She will be signing books at Proud Books, 10 a.m. thru 3 p.m., on Friday, April 12.
149 Rehoboth Ave
Rehoboth Beach,
DE 19971

* will be the Keynote Speaker at next year’s Golden Crown Literary Society (GCLS) Conference. It will take place in Dallas, TX, June 26 thru June 30, 2013.

Elana Dykewomon 

will be giving a masterclass Reclaiming the Scene from Yourself at the Saints & Sinners Literary Festival. The festival runs May 23 thru May 26, and Elana will be encouraging writers to let go of their expectations on Friday, May 24 at 10 a.m.

Ellen Hart 

will be giving a masterclass It’s All Just Formula — or is it? at the Saints & Sinners Literary Festival. The festival runs May 23 thru May 26, and Ellen will be discussing how to write mystery on Friday, May 24 at
3 p.m.

Jill Malone 

will be reading from Giraffe People, her soon-to-be-published third novel. Come meet her at Auntie’s Bookstore on Thursday, May 16 at

7 p.m. 

402 West Main Ave

WA 99201
For more information: (509) 838-0206   

The Virtual World

Your favorite authors also write blogs, have their own websites, and can be found on social networking sites.

Z Egloff
Click for her website. Find her on Facebook and Red Room.

Marcia Finical
Find her on Facebook.

Katherine V. Forrest 
Click for her  website.

Lisa Gitlin  
Find her on Facebook

Jill Malone
Click for her website. Find her on Facebook and MySpace.

Marianne K. Martin 
Find her on Facebook, MySpace, and Red Room.

Paula Martinac
Click for her website. Click for her blog

Val McDermid
Click for her website. Find her on Facebook..   

Bett Norris
Click for her blog. Find her on Facebook

Joan Opyr
Click for her website.   

Mari San Giovanni
Click for her website. Find her on Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter@MariSanGiovanni.

Hilary Sloin
Click for her blog

Sally Bellerose
Click for her blog. Find her on Facebook.   

Georgia Beers
Click for her website. Click for her blog. Find her on Facebook.

Jessie Blackadder
Click for her blog. Find her on Facebook. 

Lindy Cameron
Click for her website, and for news of her press.

Cynn Chadwick
Click for her website.

Kate Clinton
Click for her website

Stella Duffy
Click for her blog. Find her on LibraryThing, MySpace, and Twitter

Elana Dykewomon
Click for her website. .Find her on Facebook and Red Room. 

You can also follow Bywater Books, on Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter @BywaterBooks. And tune in to our YouTube channel. Subscribe to it, and you’ll be alerted each time a new video is posted.  

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