Bywater Books is pleased to announced that two of our titles have been awarded 2018 National Federation of Press Women Communication Contest Awards.

Fried & Convicted: Rehoboth Beach Uncorked by Fay Jacobs has won first place in the Non-Fiction Humor Book Category

Fay Jacobs is back with more wise, witty, and laugh-out-loud observations about the craziness of life in Rehoboth Beach.

As the author of four humorous memoirs, activist and comedian Fay Jacobs returns with her newest tall tales, Fried & Convicted, Rehoboth Beach Uncorked. And, as you’d expect, It’s chock-full of Fay’s signature witty, wise, and often laugh-out-loud commentary about the craziness of contemporary life in the diverse and welcoming resort town of Rehoboth Beach on the Delaware Coast.

This time, though, everyone’s favorite “Sit-Down Comic” grapples with the insanity of a high-tech bra, cartoon bladders in prescription advertising, and refusing to act her age. Featuring Fay’s latest magazine columns plus new, never before published material, Fried & Convicted is a pleasure for longtime fans and new readers alike.

Come along for the ride—you’ll be happy you did!

On a LARP by Stefani Deoul has won second place in the Young Adult Books—Fiction Category.

Sid Rubin and her brainiac buddies become embroiled in a dark-web world, which leads to a very real murder mystery.

Question: Do any of you know the truly scary part about being seventeen?

Answer: Your brain doesn’t actually know, understand or care what it can’t do; and, while this sounds great in theory, in my particular case, my under-developed brain apparently didn’t know I couldn’t fly.

So I jumped . . .
                    And I plummeted . . .

And I promise you, if I somehow manage to survive this act of immature-brain-encased-in-unbelievable-stupidity, I will gladly tell you exactly how I got here.

And here, for the record, would be chasing a dark-web killer through the middle of a live action role-playing game, better known as a LARP.

Join brainiac Sid Rubin and her plucky pals, Jimmy, Imani, Vikram, and Ari as they join forces with Detective Robert “Tsarno the Barno” Tsarnowsky and his partner, Detective “Goddess” Emma Macdonald, and become embroiled in a virtual world of clues that will lead them to a very real, very deadly, very steampunk world of murder and mayhem.

National Federation of Press Women is a dynamic nationwide organization of professional women—and men—pursuing careers across the communications spectrum. They are diverse. They are students.They are new to our careers.They are experienced professionals, both active and retired. Individually, they work in print and electronic journalism, public relations, advertising, freelancing, graphic design, digital media, marketing, photography and more. They’re authors and educators. They own their own businesses. They work for companies, both large and small, for schools, the government and non-profits. Collectively they are committed to the highest ethical standards in communications—protecting First Amendment rights—professional growth—the next generation—and networking with each other. They draw strength, enrichment and friendship from one another.

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