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Val McDermid on Open Book – Neglected Classics

Val McDermid appeared on Open Book on BBC Radio 4. The program invited 10 authors to champion a book they believe has been unfairly neglected. Listeners were invited to listen to all 10 nominations and then choose the book they feel deserves to be remembered; the...

Review: Jill Malone | Jane and Jane

It is rare to find an author who knows how to write books that truly booby-trap her readers — books that start out feeling like a trip to the carnival on a sunny summer day, and take a left turn at the Tilt-a-Whirl and enter a dark place filled with oddly-shaped mirrors and distant, eerie peals of laughter.

BlogAsheville | Profile: Cynn Chadwick

Like any university professor, UNC-Asheville‘s Cynn Chadwick holds an advanced degree. But unlike most, she flunked out of college on her first try. “Instead of going to classes,” she says, “I used to go to the track and play the ponies with my college guidance counselor.

Stella Duffy Interview on

Growing up in a small town in New Zealand, out author Stella Duffy did not necessarily consider writing as a viable career choice. “It all sounds a little disingenuous,” she told, “but I promise I truly didn‘t know that it was possible for someone like me to be a writer.”

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