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Review: Verge | Lambda Book Report

In November, Lambda Literary News reviewed Verge, the first novel by Z Egloff, published earlier this year (and featured in our August newsletter). The verdict? A book that begins quietly before picking up pace and “sweeping the reader up in a whirlwind.”

Val in Curve and HuffPo

Curve features an article with Val McDermid, who describes her childhood growing up in a mining community. The interview coincides with publication of A Darker Domain featuring a new character, DI Karen Pirie “as fascinating and nuanced as any McDermid character yet”.

Interview with Val McDermid | Women in Hollywood

For an interview to tie in with last month’s broadcast of A Place of Execution, Women and Hollywood, Val was asked once again about violence — and women writing about violence. (And yes, she admits to getting pretty frustrated about being misquoted and misinterpreted.)

Val McDermid on Open Book – Neglected Classics

Val McDermid appeared on Open Book on BBC Radio 4. The program invited 10 authors to champion a book they believe has been unfairly neglected. Listeners were invited to listen to all 10 nominations and then choose the book they feel deserves to be remembered; the...

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