For a great interview with   Cynn Chadwick, take a look at  OutSmart Magazine

Novelist Cynn Chadwick jokes (I think) that we can expect her to become the next Lesbian Icon (LI for short). There will be books, movies, T-shirts, and possibly even character action figures with little tiny tool belts and a miniaturized Girls With Hammers work van–named for her new novel. Chadwick has a sense of humor, but I suspect she’s serious about the tiny tool belts. After interviewing Chadwick, who will be in Houston on July 24 to speak at the Uncommon Legacy brunch and Extra Mile Award, I feel a connection with her. We both know a “Lily” whose father is in the construction business. We both enjoy Newcastle. We’ve lived most of our lives in the good ol’ South. And we may pause to think if there’s anything else beyond the art of writing. The main connection, of course, is that we just like to tell a good story. Ms. Chadwick, if you’re out there sipping a margarita on the patio of your Ozgirlz … it was a pleasure.


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