80% Done With Straight Girls by Mari SanGiovanni


So, what’s funny about losing everything you love? Plenty, if you’re a member of the Santora family.


Mari SanGiovanni is back—either you’re IN or you’re OUT!

The third book in the Santora family journey lands them lakeside trying to help heal Marie’s broken heart and still serving up the fun, Italian style: Loud, lusty, with lots of love and laughter.

Marie Santora has always suffered from an enormous case of good luck/bad luck when it comes to women, and the past six years have been no exception. When Marie’s love life hits the skids—again—her irrepressible sister Lisa begins to wonder if this is the time that her sister’s loss is too great for even their eccentric Italian family to heal.

To help Marie escape the painful memories, Lisa ditches her gay campground for a family lake house, and Marie vows to be done with straight girls once and for all. But just as the Santora clan descends upon Marie to “help”, a surprise house call changes her good luck to bad luck once again, putting Mari’s willpower to the ultimate test.

The family motto has always been “Either you’re IN, or you’re OUT!” and this newest family crisis means the Santora’s are ALL IN—even though Marie wants them out!

MARI SANGIOVANNI published her first book with Bywater Books after entering a writing contest back in 2007. Her first novel Greetings From Jamaica, Wish You Were Queer is a romantic comedy that was short-listed for a Lambda Literary Award and was re-released for a book club offering. Her second novel, Camptown Ladies, is a sequel to her first novel and was the winner of the Golden Crown Literary Society Award for Best Traditional/Contemporary Romance. When she’s not writing, Mari is the Divisional Manager of Product Development for a major home retail corporation with global markets across the US, Europe, Australia, and Germany.  She also has  Facebook and Instagram pages for Artwork By Mari where she works to inspire others to paint, draw, and stay creative.

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