Blue by Abigail Padgett


When the frozen body of a street hustler is discovered in a meat locker and an old woman, Muffin Crandall, confesses to his murder, social psychologist Blue McCarron is asked to investigate.


Blue McCarron has a Ph.D. in social psychology. She teaches and writes while living reclusively in an abandoned motel in the middle of the California desert with her Doberman, Bronte. A minister’s kid, she has an imprisoned felon for a twin and a broken heart from grieving over her lost lover, Misha. When a body is found trussed up in a public freezer and widow Muffin Crandall claims she killed an intruder in self-defense and then did some dumb things, including freezing the corpse for five years, Muffin’s brother Dan hires Blue to free his much older sister by analyzing her. It is apparent to Blue and forensic psychiatrist Rox that Muffin’s story is a hoax. But who is Muffin protecting? Who wants her dead? And, maybe more important, will Blue ever resolve her love for Misha and love again?

Complete with commentary by a Rastafarian Greek chorus in the form of ex-felon BB the Punk, the witty, suspenseful lesbian-detective thriller is hard to resist.

This is the first Blue McCarron mystery by Agatha Award-winning author, Abigail Padgett.

Critical Acclaim for Blue and Abigail Padgett

“The gifted author of the Bo Bradley mysteries kicks off her equally impressive new series with three bangs . . . suspenseful, boldly plotted.” —Kirkus Reviews (starred review)

“Blue McCarron is a mouthy lesbian psychologist whose rat-a-tat-tat narration is the best part of this delightful detective story.” —The Advocate

“Ms. Padgett knows how to tell a story with passion and purpose.” —New York Times Book Review

“Superior . . . highly recommended . . . Padgett is a stylist of an extremely high order.” —Houston Chronicle

“A daring and obviously gifted writer.” —Chicago Tribune

“A completely webbed, very literate mystery, rich with idiosyncratic characters, insightful.” —Philadelphia Inquirer

“Padgett has become an excellent storyteller, and she builds suspense skillfully to an exciting climax . . . a promising new mystery series.” —St. Louis Post-Dispatch

“[This] witty, suspenseful lesbian-detective thriller is hard to resist.” —Booklist

“An interesting who-done-it, fully constructed around a viable, courageous, and gay heroine, who will steal the heart and soul of readers. The mystery is fun and exciting . . . Padgett has imbued her new series with a feminist will that will leave fans feeling blue if more works are not soon released.” —Midwest Book Review

“Blue is sassy, tough, scared, vulnerable, and funny—a great new character from Padgett.” —Library Journal

“Here’s a mystery that’ll knock you flat . . . Padgett is an excellent writer.” —Bay Area Reporter (CA)

“Well written with an interesting and enchanting heroine.” —Sullivan County Democrat (NY)

“A complex, compelling, and ultimately satisfying mystery.” —North County Times (CA)

“A page-turner . . . original and inventive.” —Phoenix Echo

“The author’s sixth novel is well written . . . fast-paced. Sometimes funny. Quite literate. And quirky. Really quirky.” —Lafayette Star Press (IN)

“Padgett is a sensitive, convincing writer with strong descriptive powers and a moving appreciation of small children that makes new novels so compelling.” —Ottawa Citizen

ABIGAIL PADGETT grew up in Vincennes, IN, and holds degrees from Indiana University, the University of Missouri and Washington University, St.Louis. She has taught high school English and college courses in Sociology and Creative Writing in San Diego and Boston, directed an ACLU chapter in Houston and worked as an advocate for the mentally ill, plus enduring some truly weird temp jobs. San Diego is now home, although Abbie spends much time on the East Coast and in France. She is a dog person happiest in the company of dachshunds, a lapsed vegetarian with heartland food preferences, and a lifelong fan of Poe, Algernon Blackwood and the Graveyard Poets.

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