Catch Me When I’m Falling by Cheryl A. Head


Charlie Mack faces the most difficult case of her career when she goes undercover as a street person a to find a serial killer the police want to ignore.


Catch Me When I’m Falling, Book #3 of the Charlie Mack Motown Mystery Series

Charlie Mack faces the most difficult case of her career when she goes undercover as a street person a to find a serial killer the police want to ignore. And someone is murdering the homeless in Detroit’s Cass Corridor—by immolation.

These horrific crimes normally wouldn’t require an investigation by Charlie Mack and her crack team of investigators, except that one of the burned bodies is her mother’s friend. There’s a lot wrong with this case: the police won’t admit a serial killer is on the loose, drug trafficking intersects with the deaths, and a rogue cop is involved. The timing also couldn’t be worse—Charlie and Mandy are finally moving in together. This case becomes the most difficult of Charlie’s career when she transforms herself into a street person, and mixes with the Corridor’s gangs, do-gooders, and the down-and-out to uncover evidence the police can’t continue to ignore.

“Once again, Cheryl A. Head gives readers a timely portrait of inner-city Detroit and its most disenfranchised citizens. A hallmark of Cheryl Head’s writing is the depth of empathy she elicits from and for her characters and this time out, she challenges Charlie to almost literally walk in the shoes of another. In doing so, this difficult journey transforms both Charlie and the reader.” —KRISTOPHER ZGORSKI, BOLO Books

“Head’s novels crack with the sharp dialogue and noirish characters we’ve come to expect from the best detective novels.”—MATT COLEMAN, Book Riot

“A riveting page-turner of a read by a master of the suspense/thriller genre.” —Midwest Book Reviews, Wisconsin Bookwatch

Catch Me When I’m Falling is a tightly spun mystery that will have you guessing right up until nearly the last page. Perfect for summer reading, this one is a worthy entry to the Charlie Mack series.”—JERRY WHEELER, Out in Print

“This story has left its mark on me because I began to question and ponder over the values I uphold, the people I associate with and the things that set my soul on fire.” —APRIL ADAMS, The Lesbian Review

“The pleasure of Cheryl’s book is immersing yourself in the fever-pitch drama she writes with such finesse. For this reader, this Book 3 of this series is the finest: though all of the books are excellent, this one shoots like a rocket—it is exhilarating. Highly Recommended.” —GRADY HARPSan Francisco Review of Books

“Head’s writing is special and has a style that keeps you reading and characters that are too real and too big for the printed page.” —AMOS LASSEN, Amos Lassen Reviews

“Cheryl Head delivers Motor City details that ring true, and characters that swagger off the page.” —ELIZABETH SIMS, author of the Lambda and Goldie Award-winning Lillian Byrd Mysteries

“Mack, who is a black cis lesbian, stands out as a truly intersectional character in crime fiction.” —JOHN COPENHAVER, Lambda Literary Review

“From her old-school titles to the ripped from today’s headlines, Cheryl Head blends the old and the new into this outstanding Charlie Mack Motown Mystery Series.” —PENNY MICKELBURY, award-winning author

Cheryl A. Head is the Lammy-nominated author of the Charlie Mack Motown Mystery series. Originally from Detroit, Cheryl now lives on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C., where she has navigated a successful career as a writer, television producer, filmmaker, broadcast executive, and media funder. When not writing fiction, you will find her serving as the Golden Crown Literary Society Director of Inclusion, and consulting on a wide range of diversity issues.

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