Dance in the Key of Love by Marianne K. Martin


Dance in the Key of Love by Marianne K. Martin


Paige Flemming is on the run. From the police, from her history, and from love itself. After sixteen years looking over her shoulder, she realizes its time to run again. But when she pauses in her headlong flight to catch her breath with old friends, she crashes straight into another ghost from her past. And this time, it’s not one she can easily escape. Marissa Langford is a woman living with the wreckage of her dreams. A dancer deprived of the dance by a tragic accident, she is struggling to rebuild her life when Paige’s appearance rekindles bitter memories of what she has lost. For both women, their meeting asks more questions than either can readily answer. As they struggle with the turbulent emotions each provokes in the other, the net is closing on Paige. But cops are human too, and the hunter who has Paige in his sights has his own harsh emotional lessons to learn. As old secrets emerge from the darkness, this finely drawn cast of characters search deep inside themselves for the resources to battle their demons. Desire walks hand in hand with betrayal, love is held hostage by abuse and shadows threaten dreams every step of the way.

In this long-awaited sequel to the best-selling lesbian romance Dawn of the Dance, Lambda Literary Award finalist Marianne K. Martin reminds us that there’s no footwork fancy enough to dance out of the shadow of the past.

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