Emerald Road by Orlando Ortega-Medina


This item will be released January 14, 2025.

In this powerful prequel to The Fitful Sleep of Immigrants, Orlando Ortega-Medina captures the hardships of the immigrant experience and the strength of the human spirit to survive and even excel despite the odds.


Award-winning author and immigration attorney Orlando Ortega-Medina shares the coming-of-age story of Isaac Perez and his search for the land of promise.

In the turbulent 1980s, Emerald Road follows Isaac Perez’s escape from El Salvador’s Civil War. With his loyal canine companion, Ahbhu, they navigate perilous landscapes from San Salvador to the US border. Amid family conflict, first love, and tragic loss, Isaac’s journey becomes a test of resilience. Facing danger and deprivation, the unbreakable bond between Isaac and Ahbhu emerges as a beacon of hope.

Against the backdrop of war and migration, Emerald Road explores the connection between humans and their pets, the loss of innocence, and the enduring power of hope. Can Isaac carve a new beginning in the land of promise, or will the shadows of El Salvador pursue him? This gripping tale invites readers into a world where love and survival intertwine, challenging the indomitable spirit in the face of betrayal and tragedy.


Orlando Ortega-Medina was born in Los Angeles to Cuban immigrants. He studied English Literature at UCLA and holds a Juris Doctor from Southwestern University School of Law. In 1999, Ortega-Medina and his partner expatriated to Canada, where they were among the first same-sex couples to marry at Montreal’s Hotel de Ville in 2005.

Ortega-Medina is the author of three novels and a short story collection shortlisted for the UK’s Polari First Book Prize. In 2018, he was named the Marilyn Hassid Emerging Author for the Houston Jewish Book & Arts Festival. Ortega-Medina and his partner now live in London, England, where he practices US immigration law and writes fiction. 

Website: www.orlandoortegamedina.com
Twitter: @oortegamedina
Facebook: www.facebook.com/orlandoortegamedina

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