Finding the Grain by Wynn Malone


When Blue Riley’s lost love walks in the door the strength and serenity Blue thought she found is put to the ultimate test.


The tornado that ripped through Blue Riley’s family farm tore her teenage life apart, killing her parents in her last month of high school, forcing her to abandon her home in Alabama and face an uncertain future. But the support of her aunt, the excitement of college, and an unexpected love help her through her grief. Then disaster strikes again. This time Blue casts herself adrift. For nearly twenty years she moves from town to town, job to job, woman to woman until at last she rediscovers the farming life that shaped her. Working with her hands reveals her true passion and finally Blue finds peace. Until the day her past walks through the door. Wynn Malone paints a richly textured portrait of the South while Blue’s search for love and meaning amid the ruins of her life reminds us of the hard choices we all have to make.

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Wynn Malone was born and raised in rural Alabama, where she spent most of her childhood roaming around outside, fishing, and occasionally smoking rabbit tobacco. As a federal employee in natural resource management subject to the whims of Washington politics, she is constantly reminded of the value of patience and perspective.

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