Giraffe People by Jill Malone


Jill Malone is a winner of the Lambda Literary Award and the Bywater Prize for fiction


Praise for Jill Malone’s debut Red Audrey and the Roping:

“A lyrical, passionate novel about desire, about danger, and about the need for self-forgiveness. A wonderfully impressive writing debut.”Sarah Waters

“With its lyrical dialogue, complex characters, and atmospheric setting, this is a dazzling and dramatic debut.”Richard Labonte, Book Marks Reviews

“Finely tuned, daring, and perceptive, Malone’s auspicious debut leaves us wanting more.”Booklist

Praise for Jill Malone’s A Field Guide to Deception:

This gem of a book avoids the second-book blahs and gives us a poignant, real story of relationships and all they cost.”OutSmart Magazine

“An absolutely gripping and beautifully written story”

“Beautiful, essential reading.”

Cole Peters thought life couldn’t get any worse. Trapped between God and the Army, the teenage daughter of the Army Chaplain school dean at Fort Monmouth discovers a whole new peril opening up before her when she falls in love with her best friend. Her best girlfriend.

Jill Malone delivers a fresh and subtle take on the coming-out story. Jill Malone’s second novel, A Field Guide to Deception, won the Lambda Literary Award for Lesbian Fiction and was a finalist for the Ferro-Grumley Literary Award. Her first novel, Red Audrey and the Roping, won the Bywater Prize for Fiction and was a finalist for the Lambda Literary Award for Debut Fiction. Jill Malone is a regular blogger and her following is moving beyond the queer reading community. She lives in Spokane Washington.

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