Hell Bent by Callista Lynne

A young woman summons a demon to help her find a dead celebrity crush only to learn that things in Hell are hotter than she ever imagined.


Coming March 2022 from Amble Press

Jules has a completely sensible reaction to the death of her favorite movie star: she summons a demon named Ash to accompany her on an epic road trip through the afterlife to save her celebrity crush. But when the dynamic duo takes a hard left into Purgatory, they encounter the cheeky Fates and a nasty horde of demons and monsters dead set on derailing their mission.

And then, of course, Ash is kidnapped because, Purgatory.

One deal with a demon later and Jules kidnaps a beautiful girl in order to rescue Ash—which is awkward because Jules comes to the explosive realization that she likes girls, and not just in a friendly way.

Complications ensue when the girl is left behind and the reunited dynamic duo continues their quest to rescue the dead celebrity and return him to the mortal plane.

But things aren’t always what they seem in Purgatory, and Jules finds herself thinking more and more about the beautiful girl in the rearview mirror–the only question is whether or not she abandons her quest to resurrect the dead movie star in order to find Faith.

CALISTA LYNNE is a novelist and theatre-maker currently based in New York City. She can usually be found drinking coffee and wearing pink. Other works by her include We Awaken, published in 2016.

Tumblr: calista-lynne.tumblr.com
E-mail: officialcalista@gmail.com
Twitter: @calistawrites

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