Liddy-Jean Marketing Queen by Mari SanGiovanni


Liddy-Jean Carpenter is a young woman with an intellectual disability, a sense of justice, and an irrepressible zest for life and love who fashions herself as a matchmaker when she realizes her two new work friends belong together.


Novelist and filmmaker Mari SanGiovanni introduces readers to the irrepressible Liddy-Jean Carpenter, a matchmaker with special talents who will charm readers with her wit, wisdom, and sensibilities in this warm and enchanting Sapphic office romance.

Liddy-Jean Carpenter has learning disabilities. But she also has a surprisingly genius plan.

While she spends her days doing minor office tasks with nobody really paying attention, she sees how badly the big boss treats the Marketing Department workers. So, she takes lots of notes for a business book to teach bosses to be better.

And while compiling bad behavior notes, she finds she really likes office-mate Rose and Rose’s new friend Jenny. But she really doesn’t like Rose’s creepy boyfriend. So how can she save Rose?

Knowing that love is love, Liddy-Jean decides Rose should be with Jenny, bosses should do better, and everybody seems to need the services of Liddy-Jean Marketing Queen.

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