Mirrors by Marianne K. Martin


Jean Carson is not a lesbian. Not when she wants to keep her job. But Jean's a teacher and one of her students is being bullied; everyone calls her “Lezzie Lin”. So Jean stays in the closet and soon Lezzie Lin isn't at school but in a hospital bed.


Mirrors is a very fine novel, well worth your time and treasure.” —Bay Area Reporter

There are plenty of reasons why Jean Carson isn’t a lesbian: she’s a wife; she’s a Catholic; and she’s a teacher at a school where even a rumor could get her fired. Shayna Bradley is just a good friend. But Jean’s a wife who doesn’t want children with her husband. A Catholic who rejects the teachings of the Church. And a teacher desperate to help one of her students–and failing, because there’s nothing she’s allowed to say to “Lezzie Lin.” They all deserve better. Especially Shayna. Jean decides to ask for a divorce. But divorce isn’t the same as leaving the closet. Not when she’s desperate to keep her job. Jean stays silent. The bullying continues. Soon Lezzie Lin is fighting for her life. There are plenty of reasons why Jean Carson isn’t a lesbian. And plenty of reasons to announce that she is.

Mirrors was shortlisted for a Lambda Literary Award when it was first published in 2001.

Mirrors is a great story of women’s struggles with discovery, loved, and career.” —Between the Lines

“It is the interplay of personalities that makes Martin’s novels a cut above the usual lesbian love story. She helps the reader to know them and therefore to care about what happens.” —Mega Scene

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