Olive Oil and White Bread by Georgia Beers


Olive Oil and White Bread is a novel that starts, rather than ends, with the happy-ever-after.


What happens to lovers after the happy-ever-after moment? What goes on behind the closed doors of a relationship once the commitment is made? What does romance turn into when the hands of time keep turning? Olive Oil and White Bread is a novel that dares to answer those questions. Angie Righetti is the daughter of a sprawling but close-knit Italian-American family. She’s out and they’re proud. Jillian Clark’s family is the white bread to Angie’s olive oil. Stoic and emotionally buttoned up, they don’t want to think about Jillian’s sexuality. It’s 1988 when they move in together, on the brink of starting their careers. Like every couple at the start of their life together, they expect to live happily ever after. And for 23 years life happens: they change jobs, buy a house, get a dog, deal with money issues and the death of a parent. They fight, love, cry, play, make mistakes, have regrets, and try to be good to each other and to everybody else. Like most of us they tumble into a routine that turns into a rut that leads to distraction and danger.

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Born and raised in Rochester, New York, GEORGIA BEERS still lives there. While she could do without temperatures below 30 degrees or above 80, she loves her little section of Upstate. Lake Ontario, the Finger Lakes, wine country…it’s lush and beautiful and home. The change of seasons makes her happy and fall is her very favorite.

Georgia has written all her life. Short stories. Journals. Newspaper articles. Words have always been an important part of her world. Numbers hate her and high school math made her cry, but words have always come easy. Her mother still has a second grade report card that states, “Georgia likes to tell stories,” as well as, “Georgia spells above her grade level.” While she never considered writing fiction as a career, looking back, it kind of makes sense.

Suspense novels and thrillers are Georgia’s go-to reading material, so maybe the most surprising thing about her writing career is the genre she writes. She’s a late-comer to romance in general, but lesbian romance won her heart immediately. She loves writing about love, about the journey of falling in love, and about all the obstacles along the way. Her first book, Turning the Page, was published in 2000, and she has published romance novels steadily ever since. When people ask if she’d ever write anything else (and they ask often), she shrugs, smiles, and says, “I love romance.”

When not writing, Georgia watches tons of TV (where she often finds inspiration for her novels), has found unexpected enjoyment in going to the gym, and constantly gushes all over her miniature Australian Shepherd, Finley, who is her love and her heart. She enjoys movies and volunteers on the programming committee for ImageOut, Rochester’s annual LGBTQ film festival. Lately, she has begun taking classes to learn about her newfound passion for wine. She loves the theatre—on Broadway and locally, and baking makes her happy.


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