Sea Wolf by Anna Burke


For Compass Rose, her ongoing mission aboard a mercenary ship brings an unexpected conflagration of adventure, danger, and romance.


In the year 2514, the only thing more dangerous than the seas is those who sail them.

Life aboard the mercenary ship Man o’ War is rarely dull as hurricanes, swarms of jellyfish, and man-eating squid pose daily doses of danger. As intrigue and subterfuge from enemies old and new begin to surround its captain, the infamous Miranda Stillwater, even an uncanny sense of direction won’t be enough to help Compass Rose navigate these dangerous straits. As dark secrets bubble to the surface and everything she’s fought so hard for begins to crumble, Rose learns the hard way that she’ll have to rely on the only person who can save her from certain disaster. Unfortunately, that person is Compass Rose herself.

This swashbuckling 26th-century adventure novel is smart, colorful, and quirky, yet it manages to deliver a healthy dose of heart, humor, and humility on every single page.

Reviews of Compass Rose by Anna Burke

“A sparkling, impossible-to-put-down addition to the lesbian pirate genre, complete with underwater peril, brutal sailors, and a sexy but dangerous pirate named Miranda.” —CATHERINE FRIEND, author of A Pirate’s Heart and Spark

“Damn, Anna Burke captures the allure of the alpha-like no one else! So powerful. So tormented. I’m still swooning.” —KARELIA STETZ-WATERS, author of Worth the Wait

“I found the writing intriguing, the tone and energy were different to the standard lesfic novel, and I don’t remember reading anything quite like this in the sci-fi fantasy genre; definitely a new voice and a unique style.” —Curve Magazine

“Compass Rose is a great seafaring saga full of rich characters, with an engaging plot that will leave you ready for the sequel.” —JERRY WHEELEROut in Print

“Anna Burke has created a real gem with Compass Rose, one that fans of sci-fi, and specifically climate fiction, should not miss.” —Gay Sonoma

“The world-building was excellent with huge attention to detail, the characters are well-drawn and varied, the descriptions vivid and colourful and the action was extremely fast-paced and multi-faceted, it felt like reading an action sci-fi movie—and what a wonderful movie it would make.” —VELVET LOUNGER, The Lesbian Reading Room

“Not only is Anna Burke in possession of a fine gift for writing in general but also add to that her sensitivity to writing fantasy fiction in which the main characters are women.’ —GRADY HARPSan Francisco Review of Books

“[Burke] weaves in beautiful prose atop a complicated plot and creative futuristic world. Really, this writing was captivating and rich in details.” —KD RYEThe Lesbian 52

“Anna Burke has created a real gem with Compass Rose, one that fans of SciFi, and specifically climate fiction, should not miss. That this is Burke’s first book is also kind of incredible, because her talent is evident on every page. This is one author to watch since she’s sure to delight us with more weird and wonderful stories for years to come.” —TARA SCOTTLambda Literary Review

“It is hard to believe that this is a first novel in that the prose is excellent throughout and the idea for the plot is quite brilliant.” —AMOS LASSENAmos Lassen Reviews

“The ability to tell a plausible story—set in a futuristic world of high adventure and intrigue—and still successfully shock the reader is a  true testament to Burke’s writing skills.” —CARLEEN SPRYFrivolous Views

“The beauty of this book is that even in this imaginary world we can see humanity at its best and worst. Ms. Burke’s use of nautical metaphors is beautiful and poetic.” —GABY MAURINOLez Review Books

“If I was going to limit myself to one new book this year, Compass Rose would be that book.” —VICTORIA THOMASThe Lesbian Review

ANNA BURKE graduated from Smith College with degrees in English Literature and Studio Art. She was the inaugural recipient of the Sandra Moran Scholarship for the Golden Crown Literary Society’s Writing Academy and is currently pursuing an MFA in Creative Writing at Emerson College. Her novel Thorn was named 2019 LGBT+ Book of the Year by Foreword Reviews. You can learn more about her at

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