Taken By The Wind by Ellen Hart



“Absorbing. . .Unexpected twists and turns, as well as the uncertainties of Jane’s love life and the activities of her irrepressible best friend, Cordelia Thorn (a treasure of mystery fiction), will keep the reader guessing.”—Publisher’s Weekly When 12 year-old cousins, Jack Lindstrom and Gabriel Born go missing from an overnight camping trip, estranged partners and parents, Andrew Waltz and Eric Lindstrom put their acrimony aside and hire restaurateur and amateur Pl, Jane Lawless to find the boys. This isn’t the first time Jack has run away, and Jane must quickly determine whether the boys’ disappearance is by design or the result of some nefarious action. Things go from bad to worse when Gabriel’s minister mother and her antigay congregation become involved in the investigation, and a ransom demand for the safe return of the boys lands in Jane’s hands. At every turn, Jane encounters unexpected evidence, unpleasant choices, and potential suspects from every avenue of the boys’ lives. In a case that challenges everything she has learned about solving mysteries, Jane must use all of her skills to find the boys who were seemingly taken by the wind. “A judicious balance of long-term development and short-term storytelling; even readers who come for the ongoing characters will stay for the mystery.”—Kirkus Reviews “An engrossing mystery with captivating characters you should meet.”—Minneapolis Star-Tribune Ellen Hart is the author of thirty-one crime novels in two different series. She is a five-time winner of the Lambda Literary Award for Best Lesbian Mystery, and a three-time winner of the Minnesota Book Award for Best Popular Fiction. For the past sixteen years, Ellen has taught “An Introduction to Writing the Modern Mystery” through the The Loft Literary Center, the largest independent writing community in the nation. Ellen recently married her partner of thirty-six years, and they live in Eden Prairie, Minnesota.

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