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Marianne K. Martin’s is one of lesbian fictions most honored writers—now you can get two her wonderful novels in one convenient holiday series eBook bundle.




Exclusively Available from Bywater Books for the Holidays.

Bywater Books is proud to offer two of Marianne K. Martin’s historical fiction romances in this eBook Bundle for the special price of $10.00.

Each eBook bundle includes both. mobi and .ePub formats of Under the Witness Tree and Tangled Roots.

Under the Witness Tree

Multi-generational lesbian love story set in both modern and Civil War era Atlanta.

After inheriting an old plantation house from an aunt she didn’t know existed, Dhari Weston heads 800 miles south to see the place, and meets intriguing Dr. Erin Hughes, a local history professor with a passion for old houses. Dhar’s life is complicated enough without meeting such an attractive and intelligent woman: Her mother needs her, her father relies on her, and her girlfriend worries her. But when Erin finds old letters and a diary, Dhari knows she can’t leave until she finds out the truth.

“Marianne Martin achieves new heights with this lovingly researched and intelligent novel.”KATHERINE V. FORREST

“Marianne Martin is a wonderful story teller and a graceful writer with a light, witty touch with language, and a sensitivity to the emotions of people in love.”ANN BANNON

Also available as a standalone novel in the following formats:  Paperback, .mobi for Kindle and .ePub for other readers.

Tangled Roots

The stunning prequel to the much-loved, Under the Witness Tree.

There isn’t much that Addy Grayson hasn’t faced—the wrath of General Sherman in the Civil War, the murder of her lover, the life of a widowed Southern woman. She’d stood strong against fear and tradition in order to raise her daughter alone. Somehow she managed to keep her land, her family, and her secrets. Now she is an old woman raising her granddaughters in a world full of new challenges, unsure if she has the energy to endure.

And what of her granddaughter Anna’s challenges, and her best friend, Nessie’s? They dared to dream of working and saving their own money, of going off to college, of careers and making a difference. And they dared to love each other.

In 1916 Georgia, though, some dreams are not allowed. Anna is bright and pretty and has all the requirements needed to marry well. Society expects it. Her father demands it. And, Nessie, whose family worked as slaves for Anna’s family before Emancipation, is expected to do whatever is necessary to keep their land safe and to protect the life her family has worked so hard for.

But what happens when dreams defy expectations, when you have no voice, no choice? Do you fight the fight to choose, or are the consequences too great?

In Tangled Roots Marianne K. Martin explores how two women adapt to rapidly changing times and find a way to love one another in the harshest circumstances.

Tangled Roots was short listed for the 2015 Lambda Literary Award for Lesbian Romance.

“Marianne Martin has written a book that weaves a tapestry of history and romance with the lives of the characters. It will cause the reader to think, but not to feel that she’s been lectured to. Don’t let its size fool you. There is a lot to be absorbed here. An outstanding book has engaging characters, an interesting plot and leads its reader to greater knowledge. Tangled Roots certainly does all of that.” —LYNNE PIERCE, Piercing Fiction: Straight Arrow Reviews

Also available as a standalone novel in the following formats:  Paperback, .mobi for Kindle and .ePub for other readers.

Marianne K. Martin s one of the most honored writers in the lesbian fiction genre. She is the author of eleven novels, including five Lambda Literary Award finalists. She has been honored with the Trailblazer Award from the Golden Crown Literary Society, and she was inducted into the Saints & Sinners Literary Hall of Fame in 2013. She lives in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Kickin’ Rocks, her newest romance novel will publish on July 23, 2019.


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