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Time and again, Rachel Spangler proves that she’s the best young lesbian romance writer in the business—now you can get two of them in one convenient holiday series eBook bundle.




Exclusively Available from Bywater Books for the Holidays.

Bywater Books is proud to offer two of Rachel Spangler’s hot winter romances in this eBook Bundle for the special price of $10.00—that’s a 50% savings.

Each eBook bundle includes both. mobi and .ePub formats of Edge of Glory and Close to Home.

Edge of Glory

The clock is ticking as two champions face the run of a lifetime . . .

Corey LaCroix is Boardercross royalty, but Olympic medals and World Championships only carry you so far when your knees ache and you’re suddenly an underdog for the first time in your career.

Elise Brandeis doesn’t need a training partner, especially an unorthodox has-been snowboarder with a devil-may-care attitude. But Elise has already lost a full season to injury, and she’s struggling to regain her form in time to make the Olympic ski team. Teaming up with Corey might give her the edge she needs to go for gold, but the snowboarder’s cocky smile and rock-hard abs might prove a distraction she simply can’t afford.

Corey and Elise put their broken bodies on the line as they fight the competition, the clock, and the frozen terrain for one more chance at glory. But this time, as they ride the razor’s edge between victory and defeat, the stakes are steeper than any mountain they will ever face when legacies and hearts collide.

Edge Of Glory by Rachel Spangler is a lesson in positive frustration. It is frustrating because after being a fan of Spangler’s for two years, she still surprises me with her talent for story-telling in a new and thrilling way. What makes it so positive? I know she has no intention of slowing down, and this tale highlights just how much she will continue to create stories that will move readers who enjoy fiction about women loving women.” —ANNA GRAM, The Lesbian Review

Also available as a standalone novel in the following formats:  Paperback, .mobi for Kindle and .ePub for other readers.

Close to Home

Can a CPA and her brash, young intern reconcile their differences, or will the answers hit too close to home?

Kelly Rolen is a CPA—she’s smart, she’s focused, and she’s worked hard to build an orderly career and a respectable life in her hometown of Darlington, Illinois. Everything is precisely as it should be. Well, it is until her father suffers a debilitating stroke during the busiest time of her year—tax season. Suddenly, Kelly finds herself overworked, exhausted, behind schedule, and forced to hire an intern to meet her deadlines.

Elliot Garza is young and brash, but she’s also a talented accounting student who is charismatic, driven, and solely focused on completing her internship so she can escape from the bleak Midwestern town to Washington, DC and her dream job. She knows she has the professional skills necessary to do the job well, but she is less certain about her ability to handle her beautiful, prickly, demanding, and compelling new boss.

In this fresh new romance from one of the genre’s top young authors, will Kelly’s past and Elliot’s future add up to something greater than the sum of their escalating attraction, or will the answer to their equation end up hitting too close to home?

Close to Home was short listed for the 2018 Lambda Literary Award for Lesbian Romance.

“When you’re convinced you’re broken, even the most loving messages can’t get through. The sparks Kelly and Elliott feel catch fire intermittently, but self-sabotage is the most insidious of relationship killers. Spangler takes us down to the depths of these women’s souls, then whisks us back up on a dizzying ride.” —SUSAN X. MEAGHER

Also available as a standalone novel in the following formats:  Paperback, .mobi for Kindle and .ePub for other readers.

Rachel Spangler is a three-time Lambda Literary Award finalist, and the Golden Crown Literary Society and Rainbow Award-winning author of fourteen lesbian romance novels and novellas. She lives with her wife and son in Western New York. You can read more about her at her website.

Full English, her newest romance novel will publish on February 12, 2019.


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