The Song of the Sea by Jenn Alexander


One woman must confront her grief when she falls in love with a struggling single-mom whose son reminds her of the child she lost.



Lisa Whelan wasn’t planning on falling in love.

The ocean has always been a place of comfort for Lisa Whelan, so after her newborn son passes away, she returns to her family home to seek solace in the song of the sea. She’s not expecting to meet anyone, and is caught off guard by the attraction she feels for Rachel, the co-owner of a local restaurant. That initial spark is dampened, however, when Lisa learns that Rachel has a young son.

Rachel Murray has worked to build a good life, but raising Declan hasn’t been without its challenges. Each day when Rachel picks him up from school, she says a silent prayer that he will be waiting for her in his classroom, and not in the principal’s office because of his disruptive behavior.

Despite her grief, Lisa finds herself drawn to both Rachel and Declan. She believes she can keep her emotions at bay—keep from drowning in grief and keep from falling in love—but she finds both to be a tidal wave washing over her and sweeping her off her feet.

For Lisa, tears may be the silent language of her grief, but the love she feels for Rachel and Declan has the power to become the resounding song of hope—if she allows herself to hear it.

The Song of the Sea was lovely and poignant, with believable and well-developed characters. The sensitive storyline was handled with grace and compassion with moments of pure heartache tempered with relief and joy.” —BETH BURNETT, author of Coyote Ate the Stars

“Jenn Alexander weaves a powerful tale, demonstrating that unexpected love can turn heartache into hope.” —KIMBERLY COOPER GRIFFIN, Author of Without a Net and No Experience Required

The Song Of The Sea tackles grief head-on, giving us an intimate portrait of a mother’s love for her child, and all of her hopes and dreams that will never be fulfilled.  Embracing life while keeping the memory of our loss close to our hearts is the only way through, and I cried repeatedly at Lisa’s breakthroughs. There were no platitudes, no easy answers. Grief is awful but survivable, and Lisa and Rachel are great role models for the process.” —SUSAN X MEAGHER, author of The Keeper’s Daughter

“This book was heavy, in a good way—everything about it felt very real to me and I could imagine it like I was watching a movie in my head. This is probably because the book is rich with beautiful imagery and Alexander doesn’t shy away from vividly describing an intense amount of grief. Bring this book to the beach or at the very least add it to your summer reading list if you enjoy romance books that don’t shy away from the hard stuff and are deep with emotional nuance.” —KD RYE, The Lesbian 52

“A deftly written and emotionally poignant read from cover to cover, The Song of the Sea is all the more impressive when considering that it is author Jenn Alexander’s debut as a novelist and showcases here natural flair for originality, memorable characters, and a thoroughly effective and distinctive reader engaging narrative storytelling style.” —Midwest Book Review

“I’m sitting here typing this review with my eyes burning because I could not stop crying. Every time I would compose myself and I could start breathing through my nose again, I would turn the page and the waterworks would start again. This book wrecked me a bit, to be honest, but that was because of how well written it was. I was crying because I cared. Alexander wrote about grief extremely well and also realistically. I do want to make clear that this book is not all doom and gloom. This is a romance and there are sweet moments and, most importantly, moments of hope. It’s a tough read but it is also a very satisfying read.” —GABY MAURINO, Lez Review Books

“Yes. My friends, you will tear up while reading but that’s fine as this is a tale filled with grace and compassion.” —AMOS LASSEN, Amos Lassen Reviews

“Sensitive, tender in the manner in which Jenn shares that love can succor heartache into hope, this is an impressive debut novel by a significant new author. Highly recommended.” —GRADY HARP, Hall of Fame Reviewer

JENN ALEXANDER was born and raised in Edmonton, Canada. She holds an M.S. in Counseling from the University of North Texas and has since moved home, where she is trying to reacclimatize to the frozen north. She is a graduate of the 2018 class of the Golden Crown Literary Society’s Writing Academy, for which she was the year’s recipient of the Sandra Moran scholarship.

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