Under the Witness Tree by Marianne K. Martin


After inheriting an old plantation house, Dhari Weston heads south to settle the estate and meets intriguing Dr. Erin Hughes, a local history professor with in interest in old houses and the new girl in town.


Marianne K. Martin achieves new heights with this lovingly researched and intelligent novel.” —Katherine V. Forrest Civil War secrets inspire a present day love story. An aunt she didn’t know existed leaves Dhari Weston with a plantation she knows she doesn’t want. Dhari’s life is complicated enough without an antebellum albatross around her neck. Complicated enough without the beautiful Erin Hughes and her passion for historical houses, without Nessie Tinker, whose family breathed the smoke of General Sherman’s march and who knows the secrets hidden in the ancient walls—secrets that could pull Dhari into their sway and into Erin’s arms. But Dhari’s complicated life already has a girlfriend she wants to commit to, a family who needs her to calm the chaos of her mother’s turbulent moods and a job that takes the rest of her time. The last thing she needs are Civil War secrets that won’t lie easy and a woman with secrets of her own . . .

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