Verge by Z Egloff


Verge by Z Egloff


Claire has three goals: to stay sober, to stay away from sex, and to get into film school. So far she’s blown two of the three and her drunken affair with her professor’s wife means she might just have blown the third. Stuck without the camera she needs to complete her course work, she turns to Sister Hilary at the community center for help. Sister Hilary has a camera to lend, but the price is recruiting Claire as a reluctant volunteer. The only trouble is, Claire’s more attracted to Sister Hilary than to helping out. Claire ought to know there’s no future with a nun, but can’t this two-timing, twelve-stepping, twenty-something film freak get a chance at happiness? Verge is the winner of the third annual Bywater Prize for Fiction Praise for VergeVerge is powerful, quirky, and fresh. It’s a tale not so much of recovery as of regeneration, and the restorative, sustaining power of storytelling itself. Z Egloff creates a rich, inclusive world and a heroine who’s one of the most endearingly fallible characters I’ve met in a long time.” —Alison Bechdel, author of Fun Home, Time Magazine’s Best Book of 2006

“A wry story of confronting your demons, Verge has heart and wit and intelligence.” —Emma Donoghue, author of The Sealed Letter and Slammerkin

“With Verge, Z Egloff enters the ring of fiction with the assurance of an old hand. Using deft strokes, Egloff puts her extremely likeable protagonist—a film student and recovering alcoholic—through a gauntlet of difficulties that are by turns hilarious, sad, moving, romantic, and sometimes quite heated. This is a talented writer I hope we hear from again, and soon.” —Carol Anshaw, author of Aquamarine and Seven Moves

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