Walk Between Worlds by Samara Breger


Sargeant Major Scratch Keyes is having a very bad, terrible day.


On what should be the biggest night of her life, everything goes horribly wrong.

Sergeant Major Scratch Keyes of the King’s Guard is having a bad night. First, her king denies her the promotion she rightfully earned, as well as the knighthood that goes along with it. And then, when Scratch is wallowing somewhere near the fetid rock bottom, she and her best friend, the flamboyant and carefree Sergeant James Ursus, are arrested for orchestrating the abduction of Princess Frances and sentenced to death. On the whole, things could be better.

Luckily, help comes in the form of the mysterious Shae siblings who inform the doomed pair that the issue of the missing Princess is far more complicated than it appears. After a daring escape, the four embark on an ill-advised rescue mission through a forest filled with beasts, bandits, and mysterious fair folk, bringing nothing with them but a kitchen knife and the vague outline of a plan. Their destination is the Between, a sacred and shadowy fae-guarded place that promises to deliver Scratch and James to the princess—if they can survive.

But Scratch didn’t rise above her humble childhood in the Royal City slums by accepting things at face value. It’s clear that the enigmatic Shaes are hiding something, but what do they know? Who are they working with? And why, in the name of all the divine constellations in the scrambled sky, can’t Scratch stop staring at Brella?

Samara Breger’s Walk Between Worlds is a romantic queer fantasy adventure that will make you laugh even as it keeps you on the edge of your seat.

“Samara Breger dazzles with Walk Between Worlds, a queer romance as bold as it is propulsive. An absolute joy of ecstatic storytelling, this atmospheric adventure will have you rooting for its characters, laughing out loud, rapt with the thrill of Breger’s luminous imagination.” —T Kira Mahealani Madden, author of Long Live the Tribe of Fatherless Girls

“In clear, playful, and compelling prose, Breger simultaneously celebrates and subverts the fantasy romance genre. Walk Between Worlds is the scrappy-sapphic-knight saga that we all deserve.” —Tuck Woodstock, host of Gender Reveal

Walk Between Worlds is a beautiful, suspenseful, and thoroughly queer tale. A fantasy world brought to life, with just the right balance of romance and action. You can’t help but root for Scratch. Samara has really outdone herself!” —Kathy Tu, host of WNYC’s Nancy

SAMARA BREGER  is a performer and digital media producer who happily lives in her hometown of New York City. In her previous life, she was an Emmy-nominated journalist, covering sexual and reproductive health. Now, she writes books about magic and feelings. She has a crush on every character.

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