Romance Submissions

The Bywater Books Romance Hotline is actively seeking romance submissions in five popular subgenres:

  • Contemporary
  • Romantic Suspense
  • Historical
  • Adventure
  • Fantasy

With this new venture, we are specifically looking to enhance our existing library of titles with a brand new romance catalog, and we’re looking for previously unpublished full-length novels (between 60,000 – 100,000 words).

While your romance submission can include other genre elements, we are looking for romances that focus on a couple’s emotional journey together towards love.

Lesbian Romances, by nature, must be between consenting women of any age, race, creed, religion, or social status, and have a happily-ever-after or at least happy-for-now ending.

At Bywater Books, we believe variety is the spice of life—especially a reader’s life—and we’re happy to consider a wide variety of plot lines and characters, but we’re always looking for:

  • Smart, savvy, confident heroines with strong goals and ambitions
  • Lesbians of all varieties.
  • New twists on favorite themes

And most importantly, we’re seeking authors with fresh, vibrant, unique voices.

So if you’ve got a romance that you believe is ready for prime time, please send it our way!

Submissions for Bywater Books Romance Hotline

Be sure to read our list of submission tips first.
  • Please select this subgenre here—choose Contemporary if your submission is a traditional romance. If the subgenre is not listed here, please use the Brief Description section below to tell us about it.
  • Accepted file types: doc, pdf, txt, rtf, docx.
    Please submit only Word (.doc or .docx), PDF (.pdf), Text (.txt), or RTF (.rtf) files.
  • Example: "A PI novel set in New Orleans" or "A romance set in Edwardian England"
  • Examples: "I am a forensic pathologist, police detective, etc., and am using my background for this book." "I have published four other novels."

Thanks for signing up!


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