Z Egloff was born in California, raised in the Midwest, and schooled (academically and otherwise) on the East Coast. At Amherst College, where she received a B.A. in English, her mentor was David Sofield. He encouraged her writing but she abandoned the pursuit post-college; she had yet to find her voice. Z spent the next decade running a small farm in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, driving a tractor and plucking weeds.

At age thirty, ready for something different and less physically taxing, she moved to the San Francisco Bay Area to pursue a Masters in Psychology. After completing her MA, she worked as a counselor and case manager with high-risk teenagers. All of these experiences, though interesting and rewarding, failed to fully satisfy. It wasn’t until she began writing fiction age 39 that she knew she had found her vocation. Within one year after this discovery, she reduced her hours with the Sonoma County Public Health Department and committed to writing four hours a day, seven days a week.

Her debut novel, Verge, was awarded the Bywater Prize for Fiction in May of 2008. Her second novel, Leap, was published in 2013 and received a great review from Lambda Literary.

Z also writes a weekly blog, Life in Z-D, which can be found at zegloff.com. She is continually amazed that she has stumbled upon such a rich and compelling endeavor.

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