Dawn of the Dance by Marianne K. Martin


Moni Matteson is a young woman too old for her years and too young for her dreams. At seventeen, she has known for some time her happiness would come from the love of a woman. She finds it first in the arms of Paige Flemming, a woman with an unknown past and questionable future.


When Moni Matteson fell for Paige Flemming she thought her lonely days had come to an end. Paige, the sleek athlete with the mysterious past, taught Moni what it felt like to want, and to need, and finally to love. She also taught Moni what it felt like to be left—a devastation that shook Moni to the core and one that she wants never to repeat. At college, Moni concentrates on her studies, on her art, and on her small group of friends. Romance is a thing of the past. But then she meets Katherine Cunningham, a beautiful woman with a sexy British accent . . . Dawn of the Dance is the prequel to the Lambda Literary Award finalist Mirrors.

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