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When a down-and-out tennis professional takes on the mother of a young phenom, can the two of them survive the match, or will “love all” prove that no one wins?


The only thing neither woman hadn’t counted on was each other . . .

Throughout her long career, professional tennis player Jay Pierce has been burned by both players and the press. She’s learned the hard way that she can trust no one and nothing, especially her own judgment. So, when she undertakes one last career comeback, she knows the only hope she has to redeem her legacy is to go it alone.

Sadie Larsen knows virtually nothing about the world of professional tennis when her daughter, Destiny, breaks onto the women’s tour at the age of 17. Sadie learned everything she needed to know about single parenting on her own, and she knows she can do the same now that the stakes are higher than ever. All she has to do is stay laser-focused on protecting her family of two.

Neither Jay nor Sadie expects the path ahead to be easy. The only thing neither woman had prepared for is each other. As Jay and Destiny fight their battles on the court, Sadie and Jay fight their attraction off it.

Awards and Honors

2019 Independent Publisher’s (IPPY) Awards, Silver Medal, Romance Category

2019 Golden Crown Literary Society, Short List in Contemporary Romance (Long Novel) Category

“Rachel Spangler is one hell of a romance writer and she keeps getting better with each new book she releases.” —TARA SCOTT, The Lesbian Review

“This story showcases Spangler’s ability to develop the emotional intelligence of her characters, tackle multiple complex women and their individual needs, and merge the whole into a spell-binding story of personal achievement and growth. I literally couldn’t put it down.” —VELVET LOUNGERCurve Magazine

“An original and superbly crafted romance by an author with a genuine flair for deftly crafted and memorable characters expertly woven into a narrative driven story of unexpected twists and unforeseen turns leading to a dramatic conclusion.” —MARY COWPER, Midwest Book Review

“Rachel’s writing style is so natural it makes the reader feel the sense of eavesdropping—a polished skill for authors. This is a solid, entertaining, lusty and well-scribed important novel.” —GRADY HARP, Hall of Fame & Top 50 Reviewer

“Everything in the book is realistic and Spangler writes powerful prose. I have been reviewing her work for several years now, and I have seen a new maturity with each book. What I find particularly interesting is that I am a gay man reviewing a lesbian love story and I have fallen in love with Jay, Sadie, and Des, and I am quite sure that if the genders were switched the story would have the same power.” —AMOS LASSEN, Amos Lassen Reviews

“Rachel Spangler has written an epic tale of two women falling in love while navigating family, old news, and the ever-pressing paparazzi and she wrote it all beautifully.” —RACHAEL BYRNE, Les Rêveur

RACHEL SPANGLER is the Goldie, IPPY, and Alice B award-winning author of twenty women-loving-women romance novels, including the Lambda Literary Award finalists Heart of the Game, Perfect Pairing, Close to Home, and In Development. They live with their wife and son in Western New York, and always make time for a good romance, whether reading it, writing it, or living it.

For more information please visit Rachel online at or on FacebookTwitterInstagramTumblr, or Patreon.

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2 reviews for Love All by Rachel Spangler

  1. lalynn90 (verified owner)

    What I enjoy most about Spanger’s characters are their ability to grow and develop over the course of the book. Love All is no exception. I worried I would be lost in the tennis terminology as I know very little about the sport, but i could follow the story easily without being overwhelmed. Another must read from Rachel Spangler!

  2. Bugs

    I absolutely ENJOYED Spangler’s “Love All”. Honestly, can’t say enough about her writing style and storytelling! I literally devoured it in no time at all, tbh!! Oh, the drama, the angst, the emotions, the heart-tugging moments, the humour, the dialogue… All of it! As usual, Spangler’s words and expressions will literally evoke all the feelings and emotions that your heart and mind can muster. Yet another utterly compelling story she’s brilliantly created, this time, in the world of professional tennis. Specifically, a behind-the-scenes story surrounding an up-and-coming teen tennis player who just turned pro at 17, her mum, and a veteran tennis singles and doubles pro who recently returned to the circuit after years of hiding from her past as a last-ditch attempt at a career comeback. Being a tennis fan meself, I was obviously very excited to uncover Spangler’s story angle surrounding the professional tennis circuit especially when it came to the off- and on-court relationships amongst players and their peers, their families. I’ve only read 2 other tennis-orientated lesfic books previously with different story angles which I totally enjoyed and loved.  “Love All,” to my utter delight, delved into yet another different aspect of telling a love story set in the tennis circuit.

    I was completely and utterly captivated by Sadie and Jay’s characters. Both women came from different backgrounds and circumstances, very independent and self-sufficient, but the similarity ended there. Sadie, a tennis mum to Destiny (Des), her 17-year-old just-turned tennis pro, had a very open, delightful, inquisitive, all-smiles persona whilst Jay, the veteran player who just returned to the competitive circuit from her multi-year-long hiatus, trying to stage a comeback, was charming but evasive by using her humour and wit as her defence mechanism. But, fate happened. Sadie was immediately drawn to Jay when she first heard her voice in the crowd and Jay was simply mesmerised by everything about Sadie when she first laid eyes on her. Their chemistry took off like a house on fire from the get-go, with the unspoken attraction they had with each other, which I could feel deeply because Spangler’s evocative description of their non-verbals, expressions and body language.

    Sadly, Jay and Sadie’s road to romance and love were far from smooth-sailing, which made it ever so much more compelling, captivating and addictive to read and discover. Well, not surprising there, what with Sadie being Des’ tennis mum, for starters, Des who was Jay’s competitor, peer, an up-and-coming pro on the women’s tour, and then there was Jay’s scandalous past, it was close to impossible for both these women to even attempt to pursue their growing attraction toward each other if they wanted to remain scandalous-free whilst on tour. But the more they tried to ignore it, the thicker the cloud of desire, yearning was, the stronger the pull whenever they were together. Spangler absolutely nailed the subtle nuances with aplomb as her evocative words vividly described Jay and Sadie’s growing desire and longing for each other, their push-pull was so powerfully depicted I was positively enthralled by their resolve and surrender!

    One of my favourite moments of the book was whenever Jay was speaking to the reporters at the post-match press conferences. Her humour, charming wit and nonchalance were such a riot to read. Spangler crafted the press conference exchanges so realistically well that I felt like I was watching them on the telly, for real, when Jay threw out a flippant remark or two to the reporters or being playful with her responses, or being facetious and evasive when she wanted to avoid invasive questions, just like those real tennis players at their respective press conference I had watched throughout the years, i.e. Serena, Sharapova, Bouchard, etc… It was a blast reading those words and expressions and feeling them come to life!

    A memorable story development of mine as I read on, which I never came across in lesfic romance before, was how the relationship between Jay and Des, personally and professionally, was portrayed. Des, being Sadie’s kid and very close to her mum played a major factor in her overall behaviour with Jay when it came to Sadie. I applaud Spangler’s utter brilliance in weaving this particular juncture of Des and Jay’s journey with solid authenticity filled with intense, provocative and utterly poignant dialogue and resonating scenes.

    The on-the-court battles between Jay and Des were depicted with such raw intensity and prickly realism that I thought I was watching them from the court seat meself, listening to their fiery exchanges, observing their movements and plays. It was utterly surreal! I was literally holding on to the edge of me seat as the situation became more convoluted and seemingly untenable, on and off the court! You simply MUST read it to really experience the utter potency of the situation amongst these three women as they eventually arrived at the crossroads. The intersection between standing up for what’s right and protection at all costs – all in the name of love – something that, in my personal view and interpretation, inherently reverberated throughout the dynamic intertwining relationships between Jay and Sadie; Jay and Des; Sadie and Des; and finally amongst the trio. Courage, sacrifice, cowardice – mutually exclusive or interdependent mindsets? Fine line? Thoughts to ponder, really. I was completely captivated by Sadie’s fervent reactions, Jay’s heartbreaking guilt and Des’ obstinate attitude as they faced their ultimate test and how their own emotional vantage point altered and affected the outcome of their journey in the end, all written with deeply resonating effect. The scenarios were powerfully constructed, grounded in authentic fervour. Needless to say, the whole ordeal was utterly reverberating. I was still reeling after the chips fell. You won’t be disappointed! I utterly enjoyed every stressful, angst-ridden moment of it. Unreservedly satisfying and emotionally rewarding, tbh! Bloody well done, Spangler!

    I absolutely loved Jay and all her insecurities, her lovable heart and all her pain, her constant fear of losing herself to love. My heart ached for her when she went through her struggles, facing compounding dilemmas as her feelings for Sadie deepened. Retreat or surrender? Equally, I loved and ADORED Sadie and her innocence, openness, honesty and passion, her fierce independence, her courage. She was a force to be reckoned with as she fought for the one thing she never had, never experienced, never knew about before in her life – falling in love with all her heart and soul. But obstacles remained. Retreat or surrender? These two lovable souls had such intoxicating chemistry that I couldn’t get enough of them each time they shared a scene. Their connection was developed so organically, oozing sensuality as their emotions ran deeper into the realm of irresistible desire and love.

    All in all, Spangler’s “Love All” is a MUST-READ story about love and family, reconciliation of the past and present in order to forge ahead into the future without fear or trepidation but with absolute trust and unconditional love. It is gripping, thought-provoking, emotionally resonating, incredibly heartrending and heartwarming, it is deeply sensual. When you read this brilliantly crafted complex love story set in the heart of professional tennis where pressure is high and demanding, failure in and out of the battlefield that is the tennis court is futile, and privacy is constantly invaded by the unyielding press/media, you’ll realise and understand why the book is titled “Love All.” Tennis. Jay and Sadie’s winding road came full circle with tennis. A fabulous motif for a perfect endnote, innit? I think so! Well done, Spangler!


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