For insight on Cynn Chadwick, check out this blog by Jennifer Saylor. It was posted a while back, but it’s still interesting.

Like any university professor, UNC-Asheville’s Cynn Chadwick holds an advanced degree. But unlike most, she flunked out of college on her first try. “Instead of going to classes,” she says, “I used to go to the track and play the ponies with my college guidance counselor. We’ll call him Lenny. He weighed about 400 pounds and smoked cigars. I would drive us in my ’71 VW bug, and Lenny would give me 20 bucks to bet.”

Get the feeling that this isn’t your typical professor? A student once asked her what books she had written. Chadwick told her. Then another student asked about the nature of her books. “Hot, girl-on-girl sex,” Chadwick replied.

via BlogAsheville: Profile: Asheville Novelist Cynn Chadwick.

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