Bywater Books is pleased to announce the acquisition of by Bev Prescott.
“Bev Prescott is an important writer, with an Earth First passion.  is a rich, heart-pounding, and thought provoking novel,” said publisher Salem West. “Eco fiction at its very finest, as Prescott expertly melds adventure, romance, and science fiction into fast-paced and thrilling race against time. It’s Bev Prescott like you’ve never seen her before.”

Sharon Clausen, a self-reliant farmer, has a secret apple tree—a tree that keeps her and her wife, Eve, fed. In the year 2092, climate change has transformed the face of Earth. Storms, disease, famine, thirst and war show no mercy on the living. In order to survive and protect Eve from the inhospitable world, Sharon cloaks her humanity.
The only other people who know of her secret, or so she thinks, is Dr. Ryan, a long-time confidant, and his wife, Areva. Once a month, Sharon and Eve travel from Maine to Boston to trade apples for Eve’s leukemia medication with Dr. Ryan. When Eve is kidnapped and the Ryan’s are murdered, Sharon learns that her best kept secrets are coveted by a man known as the Strelitzia—a coldly practical villain.
Sharon sets out on a harrowing journey across North America to rescue Eve. Along the way, she gets help from an Inuit refugee boy, a stray dog named Erik the Red, an eccentric former school teacher, a jujitsu master, an Argentinian opera star, and a brilliant Muslim female scientist who leads an alliance of eclectic people known as the Qaunik. Together, this ragtag group battle storms, the desert, criminal gangs, feral humans and the Strelitzia.
In the end, Sharon must face her greatest challenge—risk all that she loves for something greater than herself.

“I’m thrilled that 2º has found a home with a publishing house that is willing to stretch boundaries, while always maintaining excellence—it’s an honor to join the Bywater Books family.” said Prescott.

BEV PRESCOTT’S road to the place she calls home has been long and winding. Born in the mountains of the West, raised in the heartland, and educated in the South; she’s been a sergeant in the United States Air Force, a scientist and an environmental lawyer. She’s traveled to the Arctic, Antarctica and lots of places in between. But home is writing stories at the edge of a meadow in Maine, where she shares her life with her spouse of 27 years, a clever calico cat named Lil, and a couple of honeybee colonies.
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