No Shelter But The Stars by Virginia Black


This item will be released January 23, 2024.

No Shelter But The Stars is a powerful novel full of romance, movement, tension, and terror that will leave you wanting more.


Virginia Black’s No Shelter But The Stars is the space opera you’ve been waiting for—packed with warring worlds, romantic adventure, and larger-than-life characters.

Kyran Loyal is the last heir to the lost throne of a forgotten planet, the figurehead of a nomadic people fleeing the galactic tyranny of a brutal regime. Davia Sifane is the unrecognized daughter of an imperial despot. When happenstance pits them against each other in battle, neither expects the outcome: they are the only two people to survive. Marooned on a barren moon, their only hope of survival is to rely on each other, but what they learn will either kill them or change the galaxy forever.

“Virginia Black’s gripping tale of two women from enemy cultures forced into a fragile truce on an inhospitable moon explores not only the outer limits of galactic imperialism but the inner reserves of the mind and spirit. Set against a well-crafted backdrop of brutal political and colonial machinations, Black shows us the possibilities that can take root and flourish in treacherous ground, and the impact that individuals can have on the course of empire. No Shelter But the Stars is a story that will resonate long after the final page is turned.” —Andi Marquette, author of The Farseek Chronicles 

“The stakes couldn’t be higher in this vivid, gripping tale of survival featuring two powerful women, implacable enemies, marooned in a lethal environment with the fate of worlds hanging in the balance. What a story!” —Katherine V. Forrest, trailblazing author of Daughters of a Coral Dawn  and Curious Wine

VIRGINIA BLACK (she/her) likes strong whiskey, loud music, and writing, though not necessarily in that order. When not penning dark speculative fiction, she is almost always reading. Born in California—where even green is brown—Virginia escaped to the lush grass and rain showers of the Pacific Northwest. Her debut novel, Consecrated Ground, was published in early 2023. She lives with her wife of twenty years and their savagely witty teenage daughter. 

For more information, please visit Virginia online at or FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.


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